Deepak Tizori , New Secret Agent of Bigg Boss

Deepak Tizori is now a part of Bigg Boss, He is in place of Salil Ankola. His entry into the house is really great and now show is going to be more interesting.

But I have one thing in my mind… As Deepak has watched the show on TV without being a part of house, He know too much about all people inside the house, he knows who have nominated other people(This is secret thing, which only shared by Bigg Boos, and even talking about nomination is not allowed in the house.). his knowledge of everyone’s behavior in the house can be an advantage to him and even he can share his knowledge with someone else. So is it good to introduce a outsider to the game in the middle of game.

Well, one of my friend Jayant, has his very unique version about Deepak, as Bigg Boss has revealed his real Jasoos (Secret Agent) in the house, Deepak can take the role of that Jasoos. Then he can use his present knowledge to his best.

Bigg Boss is listening?

11 Responses to “Deepak Tizori , New Secret Agent of Bigg Boss”

  1. i am very happy that kashmira is out she is a real dirt bag.

  2. Eviction of rakhi sawant is only because of her high end dramma against amit.
    I think apart from that she was fully netertaining and she could have gone 3-4 week ahead.

    Devesh kumar
    c 236 greater noida

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  4. im akhil kinha i belong gurgaon(hariyana) i want to go big boss

  5. hello

    bigg boss

    happy diwali

    every one

  6. ji mata di

    have a gooday

  7. hai…..

  8. I just added this page to my favorites. I really like reading your posts. Tyvm!

  9. hello u all

  10. Wow dude, I’m a little sketched out right now and not getting this. Can you elaborate for me?

  11. Life goes on…

    In three words I can sum up all I know about life: It goes on….

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