Its Now Kashmira v/s Carol

It was yet another scary Sunday in the Bigg Boss house. The day when the contestants vote against their own family members! After a quiet voting ritual, the final nominations came as a shock! Not for the others, but for Kashmera… and of course, Carol. They got the largest number of nominations for eviction.

3 Responses to “Its Now Kashmira v/s Carol”

  1. This is very bad and sick so many days i have never missed this show, but after Kashmera Shah entered this show stinks like hell. Big Boss sucks by bring in Kashmera Shah. other than that Big Boss is good and cool.

  2. Carol is thee best, i feel everyone is going to switch off their TV, but not watch Big Boss,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Its is a very Bigggggggggggg mistake by bring in Kashmera Shah.

  3. I have been meaning to post about something like this on my webpage and you gave me an idea. TY.

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