Why everybody hates Kashmira?

Why everyone is after Kashmira?
What wrong she has done?

Yesterday some persons tried to bomb this site with hate mails against Kashmira. Just some hours ago I start a poll on this site and most of people are against Kashmira. Why?

Do you have any reason for it?

Post as comment and tell the world why Kashmira is so bad?

3 Responses to “Why everybody hates Kashmira?”

  1. I personally think that she is ticking off the audience with her high sense of politics in this game. Although, I agree that politics is healthy in such games, but the level she has implied is way more than anyone could handle. And to top it of, she’s doing it all the time. The audience wants to see more than just politics, and when she realises that, then can she gain any support from the audience.

    But I might be wrong.

  2. kashmira was the first person who has put this question in rakhis mind about his relation with rupali.. so she is the actual culprit… but rakhi is paying for what kash has put in her mind and she further said it … so its kash who is bad and not rakhi… rakhi is the best and KASHMIRA is a BITCH

  3. i dont think that someone hate kash coz she is very nice if u do some thing right and nice with some one and u become wrong i dont understand love kash she is my jaan i love her

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