Rakhi played devil to Kashmera ?

After watching yesterday’s Bigg Boss, I am getting a feeling that Rakhi is playing a big game, She is the biggest politician of this house, Kashmera is right in her statement that she is doing all those things for camera, yesterday first she create the scene with Amit about a Cup and then transfer the blame on Kashmera, while kashmera was not a party to that drama.

She just advice Rakhi to told Amit about the wrong he has done by using Rakhi’s tea Cup.

And what Rakhi done … She screamed so much, she fell on the ground, she was just after everyone in house, and when she realize that this was the wrong behavior ( I think it was also a part of the plan), She start to transfer the blame on Kashmera.

It is quite possible that Kashmera may be out of the house by today evening,And Rakhi has played a crucial part in her ouste. Whatever Rakhi has done, was not good in my view.

Rakhi will soon get a nomination from her housemates, I am sure.

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  1. You’re right. The whole focus of anger (from the audience) will probably shift to Rakhi just after watching yesterday’s episode. I’ve not been in favour of the impatient Amit before, but what he did yesterday was not something that should’ve become a huge issue. Rakhi over-reacted, and then over-reacted a bit more. And all that talk about her secret boyfriend was utterly useless. More than Kashmira, I want Rakhi out of the house.

  2. I don’t think so, But ya Kashmira is right she is actually much more overreacting. I think the reason of this is background she comes. And she knows people are not taking her seriously because of her background. Here kashmira knows everybody hate her except Rakhi so by taking issue of Rakhi CUP controversy she actually try to make over with boys. She also knows that Rupali is actually doing acting to impress Rahul and Ravi so they will not nominate her. The most smart person in the house is i think Kashmira. She knows everybody very well and her sense of understanding people is also very good. As you know she is the first person on doubting the Ragini Shetty. And that was right. She also told audiance know this. But the mistake she made is that She had some of Egoism and on the very second day start making plan about nomination. And Rahul Roy and Ravi kishen take advantage of this. But They both are biggest poilitician. Lets see what happen next.

  3. i think rakhi is not that bad as the people take her to be.. kash was really a big dirt bag as roopali commented.. rakhi actually felt hurt that amit (the 1 she lokked upon to) hurted her, she did not do any mistake in asking her y did he use her cup… but v all 4got wat amit told her, he told her thaT he’ll throw her out.. wat does that mean??? just b coz shes an item girl and does that for her living, he’ll say any thing to her??? he was actuallt wrong. but d whole scenario got rakhee on the wrong side.. i dont think anyone would like to be named as an fighter cock that too 4 a small issue on the cup neither will the famous item girl rakhee.. i think she’s genuine.. she had been brain washed and overpowered by KASH….

  4. amit acts as if he’s a big rock star.. but he is not… he told rakhee to come to the ground i tkink he should come down first… he’s a real jerk….

  5. Yes u all r right rakhi is right amit thinks he is the best and most handsome guy but he is forgetting that he is a struggling actor how can he say to rakhi that u doesnt exist in my life and i ll throw u to the ground this is not fair pls my dear frnds dont vote for rakhi for nomination she is very good and she is not acting like rupali. she is living the way she is.

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