Kashmera is out, Who will be next?

So, Finally Kashmera is out of the house. Now politics of house will get renewd in a different style. In my view now its going to be around Rakhi.

Since nominated, Kashmera was fully aware that few people in the house wanted her to stay. As the voting results were declared, it was clear that even the audience wanted her to pack her bags. Kashmera is thrown out of the Bigg Boss’s house. The otherwise gutsy woman burst into tears as soon as she was given the news. Kashmera said that she didn’t wanted to be a doormat like Roopali to stay back in the house. Neither did she wanted to be a drama queen like Rakhi who would go to any level to get the attention from the audiences. In the end, she said that now Bigg Boss’s house would look empty as she won’t be there to entertain the people.

Rakhi seems relieved on the news of her ouster. But as Kashmera predicts Rakhi is the next person to be nominated.

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  1. I really really really dont like kashmira’s return in the big boss house. Big boss can bring bobby darling
    instead of kashmira. It is really a painfull & intolerable experince to watch kash in the show. Please remove
    her urgent from the show. She is really increase my blood pressure. Her talks are really bitchy. She cant
    even speek without backbiting topic. how can she blame rakhi?

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