Next eviction will be of Rakhi or Ragini?

So, It happens, as has predicted, Rakhi has been nominated for eviction. She got highest vote against her, half of the house was against her, she got 5 vote while Ravi, Carol, and Ragini share 3 each.

This week there are four nominations. In our view Ragini, is the weakest contestant in all of them, but as public has noted that Rakhi is also playing a very political game, she may also be out.

It will be really interesting to see who will loose from these four people.

4 Responses to “Next eviction will be of Rakhi or Ragini?”


  2. no i dont fink so get rupali out she’s the biggests
    cry baby in the house….. supid women lev
    raki in she’s goo entertainment…………..XxXxX

  3. vote 4 rupali 2 be out,plz

  4. Get Rakhi out please she is fake and very cheap,she is a disgrace to indians.She is a.slut…

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