New guest to be introduces in BiggBoss

Arshad Warsi has announced that there is going to be a new entry in the game. Who will be that person?

In my view it is not good to introduce new contestants in middle of game, my reason are same as I have mentioned at the time of entry of Deepak Tizori.

55 Responses to “New guest to be introduces in BiggBoss”

  1. there must not be any new enetry. till the show ends

  2. Aryan should come back.The story he and Anupama made in BB seemed to be true.The way he cried,I think it’s true.

  3. I think there was no need to bring Deepak Tejori.I hate Rupali and Amit but he is worse then them.Don’t u agree with that.

  4. Who do u like the most?

  5. hello,no one sends any comments except me.What’s the prob?oh,i almost forgot to tell u 1thing,doesn’t Rupali looks like a crying baby.Arshad said the right thing,when Rupali is out she will cry then also and when she is save she will cry then too.

  6. Hi Ayesha,

    I think everyone is busy with their own bosses, thats why they are not writing any comment.

  7. I have one suggestion to you , Please write comment as per the topic of post, your comments are not in the sync with the topic of post

    as this post if about the new entry in bigg boss’s house and you are writing comment about the people already associated with it.

  8. People i just want u 2 figure out the behaviour of ragini in the show.The show is supposed to be for celebrities but seems like she would leave the celebrities behind to win the show.what do u thnk ayesha?

  9. hey girlies. i agree wiv u rupali such an attention seeker, and a big cry baby. me & my family can’t stand her. i think amit should win but even he’s bcoming a sad git gossiping like women to Ravi.

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