Rakhi is out of BiggBoss

Finally Rakhi is out of BiggBoss, Now it seems evident that people of India are judging the contestants on the basis of their character, After showdown with Amit and then Kash, It was clearly written  on the wall.

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  1. Rakhi was the only entertainment in the house.
    We want entertainement and she was total time pass and very raw.
    Bakki all guys are uncle material, I am surprise rahul is still in
    the house and he has least coverage too.
    Looks like big boss will loose its viewership by big margin now.

  2. If she was really so entertaining then why majority of public vote for her .
    Remember, It is not bigg boss or any other person but the public who decide to whom they want to vote out

  3. now that rakhee is not in the show.. the show feels boring. she was the real masti dhammal in bigg boss. all the others are toooo borrringn now. the show might lost its popularity now. dont know why the majority voted her.. may be confusion of voting out of the game . as in other reality shows it was to vote for the contestants to stay in. anyways .. sad to see rakhee sawant out.

  4. hi dear friends
    i wanted to join this group a few days before starts this pro.
    but cant cause of some reasons
    i like so much the big rakhi sawant
    rakhi! i dislike this name but person i like 2 much
    i wanted to make rakhhi bigg boss in this pro.

  5. rakhi pls meet me soon

  6. i cant believe that rakhi got evicted!!!!!! i mean she was soooo entertaining she should have won!!! n no one could say that i’m wrong bcoz wat im saying is sooooo true…. how boring is the BIGGBOSS house now???? the only one that makes us laugh now is ravi kissen…. one is not enough i say a new person should be put in the house….some one fun!! rakhi rocks!!!!

  7. rakhi u r rockstar.i like u soo much.you r very honest person n entertaining.
    big boss is nothing without u

  8. rakhi best of luck! if you are intelligent then you can get the message behind this message

  9. Hi, Rakhi I am a student of delhi university in medical. I have watched the Bigg boss from the beginning and never voted for anyone i just want to say best of luck for tou future! if you are

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