Shweta wants Ravi to be voted out of Bigg Boss

Television actress Shweta Tiwari has a problem. She almost completed her first Bhojpuri film Hamar Saiyyan Hindustani when her co-star Ravi Kishan left to take part in Sony TV’s game show Bigg Boss.

The film is stalled for now. Naturally, Shweta is not at all happy.

“He has left for Bigg Boss. And now my film is stuck. Why don’t they just eliminate him so he can come back and complete my film? We still have 20 percent of the film to complete,” Shweta informs.

5 Responses to “Shweta wants Ravi to be voted out of Bigg Boss”

  1. Ravi is like kid not havin his own thoughts.listenin toanybody comments bout
    anybody.he is tryin to play politics to everyone givin bhasan to all the inmates.
    he should be evicted along with miss carol one of the biggest actress in the
    game tryin to act innocent and win the game.i think anupama shud win.

  2. Shewta, herself is a big Bitch…….and needs to be eliminated from Kausauti Zindagi ki…..not sure how many times she shuffles between the beds of Mr. Bajaj and Anuraag Basu.

    She also has attitude problem with all co-stars in her serial.

  3. She must be waiting because, this is her first movie. Shewtha have patience yaar! He will come back.
    All the best for your movie.

  4. I like this show too much coz it is reality show. It shows the wht people playing politics and why they do this. This is the nature of humenbeing that they do this.

  5. I’ve become a crazy fan of Ravi, I love him a lot …

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