Is Love Story between Aryan and Anupama is real?

If judge by the expression and open admission of Aryan, it is true from his side, but after watching the interview of Anupama after her eviction from the house, I do think it is real from her side.
She avoid the direct answer of questions related to this so called love story.
Or she is just being choosy about the words in view of her career?

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  1. I thInk PuNaZ anD arYanZ lUVe StoRY iZ absoLutELy 100% REaL!!!

  2. it,s happen due to live in one home only and just want to be important in audian,s eyes and attraction,aryan this time doing 98% and anupuma is 50%,but it will not go longer live,b coz no one thing is stable in this world.

  3. aryan really loves you punna.I think you should get married.Best of luck for your marrd life

  4. i am a rakhi’s fan. I dint know who she was until i saw her on bigg boss. She is the only girl, who has lot’s of guts to say things but she doesn’t know how to defend herself. She is very innocent.
    Kashmira is the worst lady in this world. Specially after coming back, she will get more bad name.
    Rakhi will WIN again…and everybody will repend later whoever is behaving bad with her in the show. They will realise that Kashmira made them behave like that. and it’s not like nobody said anything bad about other people…anyways…let’s see!

  5. Bevaviour of all people in the house is getting bad wid rakhi.
    the all people of house got same thoughts but they are just
    blaming rakhi which is not good bigg boss. howerer i am not in that house
    but i can feel that this time rakhi must be feeling very bad
    and very alone. Please do something for her biggboss. This all is happening
    because of kashmira.

  6. together,they look so cute

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