Deepak plans a film on ‘Bigg Boss’ experiences

The unreal experience as a contestant on Sony TV’s “Bigg Boss” game show has given “Oops!” director Deepak Tijori a new reative impetus.

“Being a filmmaker I was totally intrigued by the mind games being played in that house. IÂ went there as a filmmaker and, yes, I want to make a film based on my experiences,” Tijori told sources.

“The experience plays on your mind. It’s something I recommend to everyone. What viewers saw were the images created for the outside. What we go through in that house is quite another experience,” revealed Tijori.

Tijori is the only contestant on “Bigg Boss” who has been evicted without any bitterness in his attitude.

“There were some lovely people in there,” said Tijori who was called in after Salil Ankola was suddenly evicted.

“I was supposed to start a film with Dino Morea and Jimmy Shergill. It came as a sudden offer. I didn’t know what to do. But two things convinced me. One was my curiosity as a filmmaker. The more important reason for my being there was my daughter. After she saw me in ‘Ghulam’ and ‘Khiladi’, my daughter couldn’t bear to see me bloody. She never watched any of my movies. Not even ‘Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na’, although she’s a diehard Shah Rukh Khan fan.

“When this offer came to me, my daughter wanted me to go on ‘Bigg Boss’. She likes the show. She has been watching me and she’s seen me doing things I’ve never done before – like jump in the swimming pool. The boys got me into exercising. My New Year resolution is to lose several kilograms, so I can get back to acting.”

But Tijori was keen to be out of “Bigg Boss”.

“I knew most of them at ‘Bigg Boss’. I did know Rahul Roy, Kashmira Shah, Rakhi Sawant (Rakhi worked with me in ‘Khamosh’), Ravi Kishan and Rupali Ganguly from before. But I saw them in completely new avatars. It was quite a shocker for me. For the last two weeks I was desperate to come out. I wish I could have come out Thursday. It was my wife’s birthday.”

No one has a bad word to say about Tijori.

“At first Aryan Vaid was upset with me. But as a filmmaker I taught all of them about camera placement and how to avoid being stared at by the camera lenses.

“As a director I’m enriched by the experience on ‘Bigg Boss’. I’m totally equipped to make a ‘Bigg Boss’ film. I’ve already discussed it with the boys inside. I salute the guys who’ve brought ‘Bigg Boss’ to this country.”

The reality show has everything to keep the audience hooked – suspense, drama and catty comments. Thirteen people from different walks of life are put together into a house erected in Kazarat Studio, about 300 km away from Mumbai.

Hidden cameras capture the conflicts and ego clashes of the participants. Every week, one person who is unable to cope with the situation will be eliminated. The lone survivor at the end of three months will go on to win the Rs.5 million prize money.

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  1. Today’s eviction was completely planned.When the last task was given it was undestood that this was to save rakhi as she entertains public with her nautanki.u think public is fool

  2. would like to get rupali ganguli’s email id plz

  3. who got evicted today?? rakhi or rupali??

  4. can aneone please tell me?????im dying to know who got kicked out

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