Bigg Boss results are pre-planned?

This question has been raised by many commentators on this site, and After Baba’s eviction and news of rigging of the results in the case of Ragini, are enough to raise this question again.
For many, including us Baba’s eviction comes as a shock. Baba was on of the coolest and very new character of the house, and most of the polls put Baba in the lowest rank among the people who are supposed to be evicted this week.

As per the one report published in Hindustan Time Ragini’s Mom has contributed 50,000 SMS to the results, and Sony Channel has paid for that bill.
News of rigging of votes with the help of channel is also not good for the faith of people who believe that everything in the house is in order.
No doubt Ragini was a week contestants from start, but such news has shattered the faith of viewers in the show.

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  1. why every times rupali is saved from eviction???????
    It is matter of controversy on the part of big boss. a character who does not give any entertainment and do like a act like sas bhi kabhi bahoo thii.Why we are
    carrying her forward!!!!!!!

  2. I want to correct you on something. Arshad Warsi is not the big boss. The Boss is the voice. The voice that talks to the contestents in the diary room.

  3. I agree with you zaheer. The results are preplanned. They are fooling us in
    many ways actually. Also I have a big big question for them, The cameras in
    the house are actually operated manually by people who are physically
    present there, without that its not possible that the person who is in the
    context gets closeup. Also you can see the camera is zooming in and out.
    If somebody is diving in the swimming pool you can see the camera actually follows him, I mean it zooms on him. How come it is possible if they are having fixed cameras. So I think even subject , script etc is also given to them, even they have been given the
    characters which they have to play in the show. IT IS ALL FIXED AND THERE IS NO REALITY IN IT> IT JUST A NAMESAKE REALITY SHOW.

  4. Rish, I agree with you, thanks for your suggestion.

    As you can see it has been implemented.

  5. Bigg Boss plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, bohat ho gaya 🙁 ab to sabar

    ki inteha ho gai hai …. Rupali ko nikaal bahir karay aap ….warna

    hum sab yehi samjhay gay kay sab planned hai 🙁 Rakhi ki waja

    say Program main maza aata hai 🙂 warna jab woh chali gai thi

    to Program kafi boringggggggg lagta thaa or ab hum sab yehi

    chahtay hain kay Rakhi jeetay 🙂 kyunkay woh Real hai …..

    Rupali ki tarha Over Acting nahi karti har time .

  6. If rupali goes, it will be really sad. I do think results are preplanned. Therefore, it is likely that rupali will go.

  7. ny ways there are boring people in the house if rakhi goes there will be no entertainment

  8. Rahul Roy or Rakhi must win the game “Big Boss”. Rahul has loads of patience and is very smart on the other hand Rakhi is very entertaining and frank.

    Ravi can join politics after coming out of Big Boss. He is very irritating and self centered.

    Carol is very jealous in nature and must exit this game next week followed by Ravi.

    Thank you

  9. i like rakhy sawant she is very rakhy

  10. I also feel the results and eviction is all rigged because that is exactly what happened in both the Indian Idols Shows. Ragini and Baba’s eviction have been very unfair.If Baba had stayed on, the tables would have turned.Ravi was anyhow very uncomfortable with Baba’s presence,Rakhi,Amit and Roopali were ok and getting closer to him.The channel soon decided to rig his eviction probably because they had already chalked out the show till the end and they mustn’t have expected Baba could pull along so long,before he could mess the channel’s plan the channel evicted him with first nomination.Probably they would have done it if he was nominated in the second week.

    Why do we believe in such shows and foolishly waste our money on voting.People are soon understanding this CHANNEL GIMMICK.We have to see how long the poor audiences will be bluffed.
    Anyhow we feel sorry for Ragini and more for Baba ….wonder if knows anything???????

  11. we the audience dont like fraud.pls bigg boss dont play with our emotion.

  12. I believe Bigg Boss is rigged. If not, why not dsclose the number of votes each person received, if not all at least the vtes the evicted person received? Just a suggestion!!!

  13. hamesha aisa kyun hota hai ki nomination main jiska naam pahele aata hai wo hi out hota hai,aur usse he jyaada vote mile ho ?

  14. yes, this is all bullshit, big boss is not real.

    seems like no one is watching bigg boss show as now its clear that its not real.

    I guess thats the reason they got kash back, thinking she will add spice to show. but not. she is making audience sick.

    and lets say if this show is true,. i think rakhi should not be scared as i feel she is genuine.

    anyways, no more watching of show as kash is really made us sick tonite by bitching about Rakhi.

    BIGG Boss reality please, anyway its last few days.


  16. I have been watching Bigg Boss since the first episode, and have seen many different issues rise up.
    Since Kashmira has come back,she has caused a lot of problems.Ravi,Carol,and Amit are all disgusting ruthless dogs. Amit claimed that he is very well educated, and was understanding(That’s why he left his parents =),wat a retard). Kashmira starts all of the problems,and then watches everyone go against Rakhi. KASHMIRA = GARBAGE WOMAN, First off,she sucks…I mean I’ve never heard of her since she came from Bigg Boss,she is a noname model. Next, Ravi and Carol don’t use their brain,and they dont have thinking power to understand that Kashmira is instigating them. Carol is really messed up too, she is so immature and listens to whatever other people say.I feel all the “good and educated people” left the house,and now all the “dumb and non-educated people” are left,except for Rakhi.Rakhi speaks the truth. KASHMIRA ONE LAST MESSAGE: STOP THIS NONSENSE,NOBODY LIKES YOU AND UR A UGLY PIECE OF ****.GET A LIFE U LOSER.


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