Bigg Boss : Amit Sadh is out officially

No surprise, Amit sadh is out from the house.

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  1. Har Har Mahadev…..Ravi Bhai ke Jai…He is the winner !!!

  2. Rakhi must win the show. She is honest and the
    best.What Ravi and the rest of the team did
    with her was wrong.

  3. No..Rakhi entered the house second time, I am not sure how and what she did to enter the house !!so she is looser already..


    Ravi Kishan should win this all the way. Rakhi is
    such a looser. I have never heard any good word
    from her mouth for anyone since day 1.


  5. Ravi disrespected Rakhi’s parents by saying that
    she is uneducated and that her parents
    bought her up in wrong way. No man can
    caste discriminate anyone at home.
    Ravi must also apologize to Rakhi for treating her
    like an animal. Rakhi is not any ones slave.
    When Amit says to Ravi that Rupali loves him
    he forgives him but when Rakhi tells him the
    same he bursted on her like an animal as if she
    doe snot has any family.
    Ravi has several faces.
    Rakhi is honest.

  6. Today, Arshad asked everyone on misbehaving with Rakhi like an evil.
    Everyone speaks ill about each other but they are ready to forgive each other but when Rakhi spoke the real truth in front of evryone without any mask
    they acted with her more worst than any evil….They are not immature . They did this purposely.
    They are jealous of Rakhi..
    Rahul is a better person
    Ravi is an actor …anaconda

  7. Ravi must evict this show……..
    Today, Ravi and Amit has openly accepted Rupali’s love for Ravi. When Rakhi told this reality everyone treated her like an animal , ignored her but when Amit told this truth no one mistrated him. Thats disgraceful.
    Every single day Ravi is speaking ill about Rakhi’s parents. Ravi must apologize to Rakhi.
    Rahul is also speaking bad about Rakhi’s education. How can an educated man speak so ill about innocent Rakhi.
    Rakhi is much much much better than any educated human in Big Bioss house.
    Please, throw Ravi out.

  8. Ravi must get thrown out like an garbage
    Whatever Rakhi spoke about Ravi was the truth. There is a love triange between
    Carol,Ravi and Rakhi.Ravi mentioned that Rakhi is uneducated,bought up in a wrong way.
    How can an educated man speak filthy language for someone’s parents. Being uneducated,
    Rakhi never spoke filthy about anyone’s parents. Ravi is like an anaconda and Kashmire is
    a bitch.In the Bis Boss house where did this big bitch come from(Kashmire Shah).
    Amit must control his language and Ravi must apologize to Rakhi.
    Ravi must be thrown out like a n garbage.

  9. Ravi is anaconda…
    Ravi must apologize to Rakhi to his bad language for Rakhi’s parents.He mentioned that Rakhi can do anything for money but hello everyone is playing for money in that house and no one has rights to talk about Rakhi’s personal life.
    Bis Boss has given rights to everyone to speak the truth but Rakhi never spoke so filthy about anyone the way all these 5 are speaking aboout her.


    Big Boss must protect Rakhi. This is not manly and Bis Boss can’t humiliate anyone for entertainment. This week is not at all entertaining. When Rakhi is happy she entertains. We all want Rakhi to get happy and entertain and then speak the truth for everyone…..

    Rakhi must win the show

  10. Rakhi is the winner….
    Rakhi is very honest/ sincere and must win this show.
    Since Kashmira is in the house there is no entertainment and fun. There is just split firing.I would request Big Boss to throw away Kash from the house by insulting her for insulting Rakhi.
    Why is everyone treating Rakhi like an animal in Bis Boss house? Rakhi spoke the truth for everyone.
    Kashmira Shah is taking revenge from everyone. When she was thrown out from the house the 3rd week,she got very angry.Now, when she is back she is just having her revenge with everyone. Kashmira Shah must have had very unhappy childhood thats why she has inferiority complex and is very jealous by nature. She has created 2 teams and has made everyone attack on poor Rakhi because she is jealous of her success.
    The rest of the members of the family are not kids.When Rakhi revealed the truth they got scared and have started shouting on Rakhi like an animal. For a mature people it is very rude to attack one girl in a gang. Since few days Rakhi is being attached in a gang like an animal by bunch of illitrate-uneducated people.Amit must control his slang language.
    Rakhi is very honest/ sincere and must win this show.

  11. Ravi threatens a women

  12. Its Shame That one rakhi is being treated like this in the house for her honesty , we are in london n here we indians have made a big issue n have sent so many complaints to channel 4 about bad behaviour with shilpa shetty n no one is supporting RAKHI SAWANT for her honesty, big boss should have given warning to Kashmira shah that confession rooms conversation should not be discussed with every one in the house Kashmira Shah is a real life VAMP

    PLzzz Support Rakhi Sawant she needs Mental support.

    n Im sure if there is justice RAKHI SAWANT will this show she really deserve it.

    plzzzzz vote Rakhi sawant.

  13. I feel SOOOOOOOOOO BAD 4 rakhi!!

  14. Allah ka Laakh Laakh Shukar hai 🙂

    kay Amit out howa 🙂 jab ye Show

    start howa tha to hum Amit ko

    normal samajhtay thay,lakin woh 🙂

    Shetaan ( Ravi ) ka chaila nikla 🙁

    Maza aa jaaye 🙂 agar agla number

    Ravi ( Khabees ) ka ho 🙂 or Game

    Jeetay Rakhi , jo kay sab say

    Real hai 🙂 kam az kam baki

    sab ki tarha dramay baaz 🙂

    to nahi. Rakhi wapis aai to..

    us nay kisi ko kuch nahi kaha 🙁

    kay tum nay mujhay ye kaha 🙁

    ya mujhay kyun nikala yahan say 🙁

    lakin Kash aai to sab ko moka

    mill gaya kay Rakhi ko nikaalo 🙁

    kisi tarha 🙁 kyunkay sab Rakhi

    ki wapsi say darr gaye thay 🙂

    kay Log Rakhi ko itna like 🙂

    kartay hain to usay wapis Show main

    laaye hain na 🙂 Jall Kukray saaray 🙂

    Allah karay Rakhi he Jeetay 🙂

  15. What’s up with people…Rakhi was OUT already!! In the competition OR Game, Once you loos it, you should have some self-respect to accept the lost, rather crying about things and coming back on Show…. How can you guys all of sudden say she spoke truth ? She is doing this for TRP, nothing much…

    I am not defending Ravi, for that matter I feel Carol,Rahul Or Ravi, 1 of them should win, but not the Rakhi, She should have some scence not to come back and talk non-scence on TV.

    Shilpa shetty is totally different story, so please don’t mix it.. Remember, being a Desi, we can fight or comment each other anything, but if Outsider “Gora” talk about us, we should get together and stop them..!!


  16. RAKHI is da best…ravi is so wrong n bad person ..just throw him out ,,bigboss
    i m with you rakkhi sawat…and amit is a gay!…c’mon man growup act like a childish…and off course KASHMIRA…she is a bloody bitch

  17. Since wednesday ther would be a surprise eviction without the participants knowing about it, i guess the participants wont have time to plan out some excuse b4 leaving like other times to each other… i feel rahul should win… but basing on the trends it seems carol would go this wednesday.. n since bihar n UP would be voting to make ravi win… others might have less chance winning… after all in india regional sentiments play a big role in show wher votes are crucial… what do others say??

  18. rakhi should win . carol rakhi se jalti hai. carol is pretending from the day one . carol ka ek dusara face jo ki bahut hi ghinona hai ,vo face kabhi kabhi bahar aa jata hai. in reality carol is a very shrewd girl. she is nobody’s friend. agar vo rupali ki friend hoti to kabhi bhi kashmira se rupali ki burayee nahi sunti.carol mauka parast hai.this time she be evicted.carol partiality karti hai. carol pretends to be very just but she is not.

  19. rakhi sawant should win ,kyunki usne bahut mahnat kari hai, she is a hardworking girl.

  20. rakhi should be the winner . agar rakhi ko evit kar diya to nobody will be interested in watching biggboss. rahul is a highly boring person and rakhi has done lot of hard work to entertain the public.rakhi is an intelligent and a nice person.
    carol is highly highly boring ,we are tired of watching her, please bigboss show her the door.carol looks at rakhi as if she will eat rakhi raw.she even said she wants to slap rakhi, how can say that to rakhi, then also rakhi kept quiet,rakhi ne bardarsht kar liya aur chup rahi.carol is disgusting.carol good girl hone ka natak bahut badiya karti hai, she can tyr in films or tv soaps but please we do not want to see carol anymore in biggboss.

  21. Ravi is the person who is very true he feels some thing and confident abt
    he speaks out,he says sorry if he makes mistakes and accepts people with their mistakes,he never spk bad abt rakhi when she came IIND time, but if u follow the show regularly u can see what made the things worst
    sure, RAVI is the winner

  22. without ravi bigboss is not a show


  24. Finally Amit is out from bigg boss.Amit is very happy being out,he was getting very angry and was losing his patience now it was right decision by bigg boss that amit is out.Rahul is very sincere and a nice guy,he was the first person to forgive rakhi.he was not angry with rakhi,kashmira made him to act like that,she is s bitch,she has no sense and has no right to talk about rakhi and tell wrong information about him.I dont know why bigg boss is not throwing kashmira out from the bigg boss house.She should be thrown out with disrespect

  25. I think Rakhi or Rahul will win the Bigg Boss,now Big Boss is getting very interesting.In the next week Carol will be out because she is very stone harted girl,she dislikes rakhi very much,she told rakhin that she will slap her in her face in front of every one,she is trying to get sympathy from rahul,and ravi .She is telling that she is a good friend of ravi but inside she is playing a game she doesnt like anyone in bigg boss house.she is too smart.According to me carol should be eliminated from the house next week.


  27. without ravi every one will be happy in the bigg boss house not only the members of the house will be happy but the audience will also be happy.Because ravi is not a good person he is very bad and selfish,he thinks he is very great and behaves that he is a king.He tells bad about others and in front of them he says that he is a friend of them but inside he is a animal,he is like a reptile who changes his colours.he is crying to get sympathy from the people.According to me ravi should be out from the bigg boss house next week.

  28. shame on u kashmira…. u r a fucking bitch…. rakhi u r the best and i wish u win…. love u rakhi….

  29. when people watching the show are getting so much irritated abt the way things r going inside,what abt the participents inside,it is a big mistake of bigb to bring kash into the houz again,same way why is rakhi brougt inside again
    they go out watch the prog ,+view’s of the pub, change themselves
    that means they r not real now,the people who r there surviving in the hoouz since the day one are to be winners
    ravi, rahul,carol are the winners
    any day any time RAVI is the hero
    he sld win

  30. Ravi has been misbehaving with Rakhi all this week. yesterday, when Arshad told Ravi that it was very bad to forgive anyone who spoke about his affair and yell on Rakhi for saying the same . Suddenly , he changed his topic and told that I forgive Rakhi. Ravi changes his words accrodingly. He has 2 faces. He can do any thing for money.
    True man is never scared of his doing but Ravi is always scared.
    Kick Ravi out

  31. When Kash was criticizing Rupali she never fought against her but when Deepak spoke ill about
    Carol , Rupali fought against Carol. Carol is poisonous snake and after Rupali fooling Rahul

  32. This is a discrimination against Rakhi. Carol is worst than illitrate people who does not have any respect for anyone.
    She speaks bad language in english coz Rakhi does not undestand’s english. He is a lizard.

    Carol must apologize to Rakhi
    Carol did not had to shout on Rakhi coz she never told anything about her. Ravi was talking about the affair matter
    when Carol interfered and start using slang language. It looks like she was born in a gutter.

    Carol is jealous of Rakhi
    Carol is jealous of Rakhi,anupama,Arian and so on. Yesterday, when everyone was crying for Ravi that time Carol
    did not shed tears for Ravi at all. she is a hypocrate and a dirty insect that must be crushed.

  33. Ravi can join politics

    The way Ravi shows his artificial love for everyone’s truly denotes that he can join politics.
    All these days he was using slang language with Rakhi but on friday he changed his color’s with Rakhi .
    In front of Arshad he forgave Rakhi but all these days he misbehaved with the poor girl.

  34. Ravi threatened Rakhi

    In front of the audience he threatened Rakhi by saying that he would teach her a very good lesson when she comes
    out of Big Boss house. Only a filthy man can disrespect a women in front of everyone.
    Again he mentioned that Rakhi would not be taking his name in the house…Hello Ravi .This is Bog Boss house anyone can take
    anyone’s name…You are not a good man.

  35. Rahul is very innocent and he is only a good person on bigg boss house.since biggining he is ver calm and polte to every one in the bigg boss house.I think Rahul should win bigg boss because he deserves to win.

  36. From day one rahul is good to every one.he never been angry to any one in the bigg boss house.Rahull should win the show.He has never cried,never shouted at any one,he likes all the members of bigg boss.

  37. According to me rahul should win bigg boss because he is very innocent,sincere and a good person.he is very nice to all.He was the first person to forgive rakhi,he understood her and realize how nice rakhi is thats why he gave her a chance.But other members of bigg boss were very rude to rakhi.Rahul should win bigg boss .And in the next week ravi should be eliminated from bigg boss house.But rahul should win.

  38. Rakhi is just acting and just trying to get sympathy from the people.She cries for every small reason just to win.Rakhi was oput in the fourth week she came back again and just acting nice to all and to people because she knows what people wants what they like .thats why she is not arguing shouting with any one and behaving good she is very smart

  39. rakhi is a big a actor she is a rupali 2 ..she cries for every reason 2 win people hearts ..sympathy ..its her plan ..she just want money .she is a packet mar

  40. Its sad to learn from few people who thinks that Rakhi is acting. She has been himiliated by bunch of educated people who acted worst than animals.
    Rahul Roy has started jumping a lot these days when the days r getting closer.He got goos reason to let Rakhi down coz he knows thats Rakhi will win.
    He is the man who told his roommates not to serve food and water to Rakhi . This is so rude and Jahalath…
    Rahul Roy you are truly an animal…dirty anomal

  41. whoever say against Rakhi, I personally feel they dont have any feelings like ugly carol, crap Amit and Nautanki Ravi, because the way they behaved with Rakhi last week is unforgivable, what made me Rakhi special is, this girl’s mental resillience is amazing. still she doesnot hold any grudges against anyone. this needs not only lot of patience, but also genuine qualities that make her good human being, that is Rakhi already is, if GOOD HUMANBEING has some other irritating nature, so what’s wrong with that? I feel Rakhi deserves to win, in real life she is the winner. if people still dont see in Rakhi some genuine qualities, then I have to feel really pity for them.

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