Bigg Boss Surprise Eviction : Ravi is out from BiggBoss?

Yes it is very surprising , Ravi is out from the house of BiggBoss.
What you think? What BiggBoss has planned for final episode? Is it really real?

BiggBoss has played a trick with ravi this time, he inform him that he is out from the house, and this create drama in the house.

10 Responses to “Bigg Boss Surprise Eviction : Ravi is out from BiggBoss?”

  1. Is it real ? Hard to digest this thing, as our people from UP wont let him out, r u telling us the result ?

  2. Ravi kay out honay par 🙂

    to hum sab Khushi say 🙂

    bayhaal ho jaayen gay 🙂

    or Pooray Pakistan main 🙂

    Mithai baanti jaaye gi 🙂

    jaisay Rupali kay out 🙂

    honay par Baanti thi 🙂

    Ravi ( Khabees ) Rakhi 🙁

    bechari kay peechay 🙁

    para hai ( Darta hai ) 🙂

    kyunkay usay bhi darr 🙂

    hai sab ki tarha kay Rakhi 🙂

    Jeet he na jaaye or Rakhi 🙂

    nay to Jeetna he hai 🙂 agar

    Bigg Boss Rishwat lay kar 🙁

    Ravi ko na jitwa dayn to 🙁

    warna Jeetay gi sirf Rakhi 🙂

  3. Allah karay kay ye Khabar Sach 🙂

    ho jaaye (agar Jhooti bhi hai to 🙂

    Phir Ravi ( Totlaa Super Star ) 🙂

    ko pata chalay gi us ki Okaaaat 🙂

  4. ravi is not out.. amit is out

  5. In front of the audience he threatened Rakhi by saying that he would teach her a very good lesson when she comes
    out of Big Boss house. Only a filthy man can disrespect a women in front of everyone.
    Again he mentioned that Rakhi would not be taking his name in the house…Hello Ravi .This is Bog Boss house anyone can take
    anyone’s name…You are not a good man.
    Ravi threaten’s Rakhi and is still in..What a shame

  6. kuta hai ravi

  7. please please please countinue this programe i love this programe madly when this programe is finished please u restart the programe with new ceebrities or any one u like immideitly i and our family requesting u to biggboss

  8. hey, i missed saturday’s episode….

  9. Dearest Ravi,

    I can still remember that day when I first fell in love with you,
    Then I didn’t know about your bhojpuri fame and high-status,
    Your two dark-deep-intense eyes were enough
    To make your way to my heart …
    You’re like a kid who is too innocent, always makes mistakes
    Then tells : “I’m sorry”
    Also a bit mad, who always tells a line :
    “Zindagi Jhandwa Phir Bhi Ghamandwa” …
    Gradually days pass by, I also go crazier day-by-day,
    Can’t forget those blue days of exams,
    You were the only one who used to bring a little cheer in my life,
    Cried a lot that day when saw you totally shattered …
    Was in tension in those weeks you were among the nominated ones …
    Don’t know whether it’s only a crush on you ???
    Or, is this some kind of attachment ???
    Really don’t know, but believe me or not
    In my hours of extreme pain & agony,
    You were my support … your smile, your eyes & your words,
    You made me laugh with all your entertainments,
    You made me forget all about my pains in those hours …
    I wish if you could see me writing you these lines with tearful eyes
    Why great celebrities like you don’t care for us ???
    Though you’d never understand my fellings for you
    I wish if you read any one of my messages … it’d be enough for me,
    Always remain happy,
    And remember that someone is happy since you’re happy.
    May be 27th. is going to be the last date I’ll watch you on screen,
    But promising you that you’ll always be in the core of my heart …

    With good wishes to you & Preeti,
    Lots of love to your 3 kids,

    Love you always,
    (from Calcutta)

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