BiggBoss housemate Amit Sadh Married to Neeru?

It’s a ridiculous report. Amit and I are certainly not married,” huffs Neeru Bajwa, half amused-half irritated. Bajwa was responding to a news article published about her marriage to actor Amit Sadh, who is currently inside the Bigg Boss house. It was said, that the duo married a year ago but were keeping it under wraps because she was bound by the contract to Tips.

“I have signed a contract with Tips for some films but they have certainly not restricted me from getting married. In any case, Amit and I are not thinking of marriage right now, since we both want to settle in our careers.”, says Neeru. On family members and close friends being present for their wedding, she says, “I would like to talk to all those who are saying they were present at our marriage. I am surprised and shocked by such fabrication.”

Have they been contemplating their marriage? “Of course, we will get married if we have to. But right now, neither of us is thinking on those lines,” she affirms. More than a week go when Baba Sehgal was evicted, Amit had a nervous breakdown and cried bitterly, begging the channel to let him out. He reportedly kept saying that he was missing Neeru. A clinical psychologist supervising the inmates was called in to calm him down. It was only after pouring his heart out to the counsellor that he agreed to return to the house.

Does Neeru think he is miserable without her? “I think Amit is just fine. Yes, there are
times when they all break down, but that’s ok. Such behaviour is expected when one is away from family and friends,” she says. Is she hoping he will get out soon? “No, Bigg Boss is not a prison. If anybody wants to come out of it, they can. They have been paid lots of money to participate in it. If anyone wants to really get out, he or she will, ” she
remarks adding that she watches the show. Rajesh Kamath of Endemol India, the creative producers of Bigg Boss, claims ignorance about Amit’s marriage.

“They are very much together but I do not think they are married. Neeru has always followed up on Amit’s well being and she does enquire about him. They are definitely in love but not married,” says Rajesh. An actress who’s worked with them in Nach Baliye says, “Neeru is no Madhuri Dixit that her marriage will affect her films. They have always been open about their why would they hide their marriage?”

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  1. Amit pehlay kisi Kaabil ho ga 🙂

    to he Neeru us say Shadi karay 🙂

    gi na, warna dono he Super Star 🙂

    to hain nahi, Ravi ki tarha ( Totlaa 🙂

    Super Star ) jissay khud sab ko kehna 🙂

    parta hai kay tum log mujhay jaantay nahi 🙂

    kay main kon hoon, main Super Star hoon 🙂 🙂

    wesay us ka Super bannay ka sapna Start 🙂

    hona hai abhi 🙂 Hahahahahah 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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