Bigg Boss : Rahul Roy is winning the BiggBoss Game?

It seems final war for winning the game is between Rahul Roy and Rakhi Sawant.

Rahul Roy :

Plus Points

  • Rahul Roy maintained decency in his behavior since the start of game.
  • We never saw him bullying anyone, even when Deepak Tojori instigated everyone in the house against him, he maintained his calm.
  • He always plays a big brother in the game.
  • We never saw him doing rona dhona in front of the camera.
  • He was very quick to patch up with Rakhi Sawant.

Minus Points

  • Rahul seems to be a clever player, he is playing a good game.
  • Rahul Roy is not behaving correctly to Deepak Tijori, whenever someone mentioned Deepak’s name, Rahul becomes angry by nature.

Rakhi Sawant

Plus Points

  • Rakhi is the entertainer of the house.
  • Rakhi is contemporary star, so she has a good fan following.
  • Rakhi is very frank; she can speak anything in front of camera.
  • Rakhi has changed a lot, after her re-entry to the house.

Minus Points

  • Rakhi do so much rona dhona that sometime its hard to digest, as per the one commentators on the this site she is Roopali No.2.
  • Rakhi has played the game from very start, she was aware of the fact the Kashmera is going to give a tough competition, so she create a drama in the house, just before final day of voting in the house, and put all blames on Kashmera.
  • Being frank is fine, but you must be cautioned in your comments if they are related to other people character.


Rahul Roy is very good at game, and he is playing the game with heart. But what is wrong in it? Everyone in the house wants to win the game, and if he is not doing wrong things with other people to win the game, what is harm? Should we blame a great executive to his hard work at work just because he is doing hard work to get a promotion?

Rakhi got eviction and come again as a wild card in the game. But before coming to the game second time, she gave so many interviews and even held a press conference to told everyone that house was bunch of loosers and she got eviction because she refused to sleep with boys in the house. She was not happy with the structure of bigg boss’s house and was happy to get an eviction.

Then why she come again to the house, she was quite before the entry of Kashmera in the house as everything was going smoothly, and when we saw that everyone in the house are against her, she slowly start her rona dhona. Anyone who has watched Saturday’s episode of undekha masala, can sense the drama when she was recalling Amit and Roopali.

So final take is yours, who is going to win the game?

Rahul; who is playing decent to win the game or Rakhi, who is a good entertainer of the house.

Neha has done a personal attack on me by saying that I am a brother of Rahl Roy and that’s why I am promoting him.

I would like to clarify that I am not promoting Rahul and nowhere in my post I said that Rahul is a good or decent person, what I have written is purely an account of things which Rahul and Rakhi has done in the house.

Both wants to win the game.

In my personal view, a good end can not justify the means.

Again I would like to point that it is just my personal view.

Well I know Rakhi is a way ahead of Rahul in the popularity.


Do you think people who are supporting Rakhi are large in numbers, No they are just pretending to be in large, As of now this post has 16 comments, and just three authors.

Same person has commented on this topic by changing the name.

Well I think I should analyze the comments log to verify how many people are supporting Rakhi.

Come on people if you support someone, do it openly, commenting with changed names is not going to help you and your favorite contestant.
So Neha, next time do not try to be Sonali in your next post.

It is my humble request.


I am just laughing, just laughing… someone is doing spam on this site, first it was in favor of Rakhi and when I inform everyone about it, same person start writing in favor of Rahul, Now I am showing the IP address of every commentators in front of the comment.

So decide yourself, who is how much popular?

50 Responses to “Bigg Boss : Rahul Roy is winning the BiggBoss Game?”

  1. I think you are one of Rahul’s brothers, and that is why you are promoting him. Rakhi is the best human being there, and just being cool as a cucumber doesn’t mean Rahul is a nice human being. Rakhi has come clean, while Rahul is just silent.

  2. Rahul always stays in the background, and never talks much. Looks like he is trying to hide from the public, so they don’t notice him and vote him out. How can we judge him as a person and vote in his favor, when we don’t know him?Rakhi is not afraid to come in front of the camera. It is because she doesn’t have anything to hide from the public. Woh khuli kitaab hai. The winner should be someone we know and love(along with their postitive and negative points) than someone we don’t know. Whatever little we know, Rahul seems like a cool calculating person.

  3. Zareef Ahmed ,you have got chance to write down your response on the heading but we did not. So, please dont mention anything which is not supose to be true and please accept the reality.
    Majority people is with Rakhi and this is the only truth.
    She will win the show.

  4. I have read one of the comment for Rahul and all other comments against Rahul. The person gave conclusions on Rakhi. Let me make things clear for you. Please, dont give wrong conclusions on Rakhi.

    She is the winner.

    Shame on Ravi,Rahul,Carol on exploiting Rakhi.
    They all must apologize to Rakhi

  5. There is no competition between Rakhi and Rahul.
    Rakhi cannot be compared with Rahul as he comes no one.
    He was like a rat who never spoke up in the 11 weeks stay in Big Boss house.
    Please, dont compare Rahul with Rakhi.
    Rakhi hold 50 lakhs.
    she is the winner

  6. Rakhi :
    1) Rakhi does roma dhona because she is emotional attached with people around. She is not stone hearted like Rahul,Carol.
    2) Kashmira shah is very insecured with Rakhi’s success thats why she blamed poor Rakhi and only Rakhi and only Rakhi. Now Rakhi knows Kash very well and we all do. Rakhi is a very frank and honest girl who has gutts to speak the truth and then apologize later. Even Rakhi’s parents must have known her so well and must be very proud of her.
    3) In this Big Boss house every one has rights to comment on anyone in the confession room. Rakhi spoke the truth about everyone but she never treated anyone the way Ravi,Rahul,carol and Mait treated her.
    4) Rakhi is a very simple,honest and frank girl. God bless her.
    5) Ravi,Rahul,Carol,Amit : You all must have known the difference between humanity and inhuman act. You guys treated Rakhi as if she is an insect. You guys dont even have any knowledge about attiquetes. Please, learn it from Rakhi whom u guys said uneducated…Shame on you guys.
    Shareef Ahmed : You are promoting Rahul Roy . Thats true. You have neglected all bad points of Rahul and just came up with few promoting points. It looks like you cant see a women winning this game.
    Rakhi is not Roopali 2 : Roopali used to emotionally black mail people to get save and not get evicted .as per arshad Warsi.
    Rakhi is honest . whatever is in her heart is on her per Arshad Warsi amd everyone
    People love Rakhi and wants her to win.
    She is a lovely human being.
    She is simple and does not plays politics like Rahul,Ravi and carol.
    She is in all our heart’s
    I never knew Rakhi since she entered Big Boss but now I like her.
    Rakhi you will win the show and yes the others are loosers who must be taught the real meaning of humanity. They pretent to love but they backbite everyone at home.

  7. Rahul Roy has already BIG BROTHER and he completely has an idea on how to maintain relationship’s with his roommates in
    Big Boss house.He has mentioned this the 1st day when he entered the house.

  8. Till now Rahul was quiet and always suggested everyone to have no feelings and emotions for anyone. Every one in the house left they home’s and came to Big Boss house for fame and money but naturally got involved with emotions. Rahul is a stone hearted man who could not get emotional with anyone just for money and fame.He broke his 14 years friendship with Deepak and even now cannot forvive him. Deepak is a simple man thats why acted like this but later apologize for his mistake but Rahul could not forgive him. Thats inhuman.
    In the beginning I was impressed with Rahul. Later on noticing hin reality he has lost his humanity in my family’s and friends eyes.

  9. When Deepak instigates Rahul he never jumped upon him to fight. Rakhi in her 1st half left a single comment on Rahul and later apologized to him. If Rahul was a descent man he would have told everyone to handle Rakhi one by one. He would have had encouraged everyone not to burst on her in group. Rakhi is mush much younger to Rahul in age and must been handle one by one by everyone.

  10. Rahul,Carol and Ravi are jealous of Rakhi’s success thats why they treated her like an insect :
    Rahul is still very nervous about Rakhi’s success thats why even after her apologies he is coming up with few points about her so that people dont vote for Rakhi to win.

  11. Rahul Roy is very boring. He never entertained anyone. He does not even has gutts to talk honestly to anyone

  12. Rahul justified Carol because he was scared of open nomination:
    This time when he voted for Carol he even clarifies the reason which people in the Big Boss house are not suppose to do. They can nominate anyone and after that they dont have to justify anyone. Rahul nominated openly thats why he justified Carol coz he was scared.On other hand Rakhi is honest.

  13. Rahul Roy knows that people love Rakhi and is very insecured. After friday no one wants Kash to talk about Rakhi Thats why Rahul pampered Kash when he showed her crocodile tears.
    Rahul Roy does not have any guys to speak the truth that Rakhi has and some have mis undestood by saying thats he maintained his decency.

  14. Reading all the chat boards right now I belive that Rahki has been shown in a light that has many people snowed under the Bigg Boss gas! Its almost useless to argue this. Rahki could take a knife and kill someone tomorrow and most people here would justify it as okay as she walks on water. Yet all guests that have left the house all say that Rahki is a faker and actor of the bunch! In fact, people say opposite things about Kashmera (see Anupalma, Ragini and others chats and interviews). So has anyone thought to consider that maybe being in the house 24/7 you might see more reality than us who sees only what Bigg Boss wants? Is everyone here blinded? Rahki skeptics speak up!

  15. I just visited this site and have read good points on Rakhi that I too agree.
    Rakhi has been treated very badly from other guys at home.
    I do accept that Rakhi is a very good human

  16. Kashmira Shah is psychic and people who believe’s in her are crazy people

  17. Rakhi sawant got fame because of kasmira..kasmira entered bigg boss house and she make all of them against rakhi rakhi got a chance to win sympathic of people.. rakhi is using the word cry as a weapon..and yess rakhi is rupali no 2 …because she is try to win people hearts by playin with emotions ..she allways talk with camera so that she could a chance a chance 2 win people hearts

  18. RAhual is not jealous with rakhi … but yess ravi carol ..kashmira are jealous of rakhi ..rahual is a nice degnefied obidient man ..he is very calm ..bur rakhi she is not ..she is very frank …always being frank is not good may break some 1 hearts …east or west rahual is the Best

  19. I saw rahual as a good man .first he only make friend ship with rakhi ..he is a nice man ..he call rakhi as his sister .. and i dont think so rahual is bad like ravi carol etc ..rahual dint treated takhi bad

  20. Rahual roy is a calm nice degnefied person ..he cant breake other people hearts and and there is a person who is writing against rahual roy but he is not like that that ..he or she is including rahual roy with ravi carol kashmira .. but he is not like that ..its all political..its cheating .writing against rahual

  21. Rahual roy is not playing political with rakhi ..or any 1 in the house ..he is playing with his heart …he is the best…yess he dosent interfear in any fight or any wrong because if he interfear in that fight he should take a side of only 1 person that he cant do that ..he loves all the persons in the house …rahual is the best and the best of all …

  22. rahual roy excepted that he is not the baba of house there is shame on him….its just one of the way to make rahual roy down ..east or west rahual is the best

  23. rahual is not already to bigg brother ..just he was some what information about it ..he just saw bigg brother in foren counter ..and some 1 is saying that he was in bigg brother its false..he only told that i saw bigg brothett…but he was not a member of bigg brother ..thats right{true}

  24. rakhi should not win this game beacuse ..its her second time ..if u r out so u r out ..bigg bos should not give any 1 chance to enter back again

  25. rakhi does not deserve 50 lakhs..rahual deserve it ..because ..she got second time to enter bigg boss its not fair..rakhi is using the word cry as a weapon ..where as rahual is playing with his heart ..

  26. People, please stop commenting on each other. None of us is going to win money as this is just a game. The results are not finalised by our comments.

    The guy who has been given rights to write responses on the top of the page of this site is getting too much excited by seeing the comments but this is making the comments side very ugly.

    Please, people dont comment on each other by using any names. Please, write your opinion only on the member’s of the Big Boss game.

  27. When I logged in to see the comments, I have noticed instead of writing down comments on Rahul,Ravi,Carol,Rakhi few guys are mentioning the commentor’s name, which is not a dignified.

    If Zareef Ahmed had got rights to write down the responses than this is his responsibility. I have even seen someone commenting on Neha.Please, do not mention any names.

    We would like to read comments only on the actors.

  28. Comments are definitely not deciding factor in the game, they are just comments, But if you have something to say about anything, say it clearly and in open.

    I am not excited to see the comments but I am amused to see the velocity of comments by the same person with different names.

    So do comments but openly. Well I am showin the IP address of every commentators in front of the comment, you can see who is writing what?

    Kishore (I know it is not your real name ), Do not teach me how to moderate the post. I need to present the truth behind multiple posts of same person with different names and I have just done that. Anyone can see that you have written so many comments on this post by different names.

    Again I would request that if you support someone do it openly.

  29. I have already supported openly.
    Please, dont take it personal.
    These comments are not for anyone out of Big Boss house.

  30. Rakhi is much better than Rahul. Rakhi is the only person who deserves to win. I will support Rakhi till the end. All the best to rakhi. Carol is the worst. I hope Carol goes out this wedneday, because Rahul is better than carol atleast.

  31. Different comments from same IP address does not denoted same person as this is public computer. Anyways, people have full rights to throw their various comments.
    Please, dont take it personally as these comments are for the member’s in the Big Boss house.
    I don’t have any interest in you as I don;t know u at all.
    I know its your responsibility to write down responses to know people’s comments but you dont have to make personal
    attack on anyone.
    As you have mentioned that “I need to present the truth “, but the truth must be for the members in Big Boss house not for the commentor’s.
    Please, you don’t have to worry about anyone’s real name as I have no intesrest in you and have full rights to make comments.
    Take it easy

  32. Rakhi is innocent. She has been insulted badly by other guys at home. Big Boss discussion is every where and most of the people who were for Ravi or Rahul have turned against them.
    Her patience made most of the people to like her which is natural.
    She has gutts to tell the truth in front of everyone.
    she must win the show

  33. According to me rahul should win Bigg Boss game because he is veru true,innocent,calm and mateured person in bigg boss.Remaining all the members are false except Rahul.Rahul should win.

  34. rahual is much better than rakhi …rahual deserve 50 lakhs ..but not rakhi .. rahual is calm nice good man ..where as rakhi is frank ..sometimes being frank can break another persons hearts ..rahual plays with his heat ..where as rakhi plays with his mind for money ..she will be back again like a bitch after this show …its her

  35. According to me rahul should win Bigg Boss game because he is veru true,innocent,calm and mateured person in bigg boss house ..where as rakhi carol rave are all playing with political mind ..rahual play with his pure heart ..where as rakhi carol ravi is playing with there dirty minds ..rakhi is not inocent ..

  36. when all treated rakhi bad about her image ..but rahul dint talk a word about rakhi is wrong… rahual dint not turn against rakhil he was only first person do friend ship with rakhi ..he has a pure heart..where as ravi is a anaconda rahual is not like ravi..rahual is inocent man with a pure heart ..u never found him on bigg boss show, talk against any 1 ..i want rahual 2 win this game … i tell this again and again rakhi is playing this game for money

  37. when aryan was out annupama was in bigg boss house aryan want annupa..if annupama was not being out that day i shurely tell that aryan would enter that house .. because anupama was out,aryan dint come again in biss boss house rakhi got a chance to enter this house ..she got chance because there wrere no more good contestents to come rakhi came in ..its her luck ..she came back with different prepaired mind ..she is using the word cry as a weapon last show rakhi was crying saying that amit was out …she was doing this wantently..2 win sympathy of people ..she is try ing 2 say that she loves all in bigg boss house ..but she doing this for money ,money and money

  38. When Rakhi came back she didn’t do anybody’s chugli to anybody, like how Kash did now. Rakhi could have easily done it, because when she went outside she saw everything, what was said and done by others. That makes Rakhi the best person. Truth always Prevails. Rakhi will be the winner.

  39. Its true that there are many people who are very weak and insecured about their weakness. So they make this brother or sister relationship with people. God knows if they really treat them as sister. Sister word should be respected and should not be used, only because a guy wants to protect himself from controversies. If Rahul is clean in his heart, he doesn’t need to make anybody sisters in the game show.

  40. I want to add to some details to my earlier comments. Rahul Roy is very calculating because he tries to instigate others with just a slightest comment, and makes them fight, then he coolly disappears in the background. So, he escapes notice by the simple people of India, who don’t understand all this politics.
    1. When Amit said that Ragini called him stubborn, and reacted violently, all the others were kinda trying to pacify him, while Rahul just coolly sat on the bed and said “nahi unko(ragini) ko aisa nahi bolna chahiye tha”. If he is really a baba, he should have said that, Amit should control himself and not overreact. Afterall, Amit is much younger than Rahul, and it was Rahul’s responsibility to guide him to maintain peace in the house. But, instead he tried to add fuel to the fire.
    2. He did same with Rakhi. He makes very calculative one-line comments and fades in the background. He told everyone let’s go in and talk to Rakhi, went in said his part, and retired to the room. He knew very well that Amit, Ravi, and Carol would not be able to control their anger, and they would shout at Rakhi. But, I think he was expecting Rakhi to react with anger too, and when she didn’t he kept refuelling the fire, trying his best to get Rakhi angry(by telling others not to ask dinner, etc.). He also tried to keep the fire burning with the others. When Amit said he thinks Roopali loves Ravi, he was a bit nervous of saying it, and said these are just my thoughts and I am not ashamed of my thoughts–Rahul said, yeah yeah, you can tell your thoughts. Then why doesn’t he want Rakhi to tell her thoughts on Ravi and Carol. He allowed Amit to do a personal attack on Roopali, while he blames Rakhi and Deepak for doing the same. He has double standards, which is actually his calculative mind at work. When nothing worked, he went up to Rakhi, and…you guys know the rest. He will not stop at this. Just keep watching, Kash will attack Rakhi openly, while Rahul will do so slyly.

  41. Zareefji I just happened to read your comment that the same person is posting with different names, because you found that IP Address is same. Well, I am a student at the University(California, USA), and all the students use the computers here, and there are many fans of Rakhi here 🙂 She is awesome. We all think that she is very natural. She doesn’t try to hide behind a mask, like Rahul Roy. She is not ashamed to show her true self. She never said she is the best, in fact, she accepts her mistakes gracefully and honestly. That is a true star!!! All others are liars. Like I said earlier, we love Rakhi with her positive and negative points. And, she is also improving with everyday. She is courageous, honest, and humble. LOVE YOU RAKHI!!!

  42. Rahul ka kya Mukabla 🙂

    Rakhi say jo AAfat hai 🙂

    Kayamat hai,baki sab 🙂

    pay Laanat hai, LoLoL 🙂

    Point 2 B Noted Janab 🙂

    Rahul Pooray BB Show 🙂

    main Gup Chup Guppp 🙂

    Chuppp or Rakhi Jee 🙂

    Dhoom Macha layyyy 🙂

    Machaaaa Layyyyyyyy 🙂

    Ab aap Log he batao 🙂

    hai koi Mukablaaaaa 🙂

    Rakhi gai to Ronak gai 🙁

    Rakhi aai to Ronak aai 🙂

    Rahul Full Time Qoma 🙂

    Rakhi Fullllllllllll Time 🙂

    Hangaaaaaaaaaamaaa 🙂

    Ab aap Log he batao 🙂

    hai koi Mukablaaaaaa 🙂

    Rakhi wapis aai to Sad 🙁

    Kash wapis aai to Bad 🙂

    Rakhi nay kuch kaha 🙂

    jab woh wapis aai to?? 🙂

    koi Fasaad Daala ??? 🙂

    kisi ki Chugli lagai ??? 🙂

    Balkay or bhi Bestest 🙂

    more Entertainment 🙂

    BB Show chala he R.S 🙂

    ki waja say hai warna 🙂

    to baki sab ki Laraiiii 🙂

    Maar Kutaaiii or Rahul 🙂

    ki Gup Chup Gup Chup 🙂

    Ab aap Log he batao 🙂

    Hai koi Mukablaaaaa 🙂

    Rakhi Sawant kaa??? 🙂

    Rakhi is much better 🙂

    than Rahul.Rakhi is the 🙂

    only person who :):):):):)

    deserves to win. I will 🙂

    support Rakhi till the 🙂

    end of the Show 🙂 🙂 🙂

  43. Shanza very well said!! Sach me koi muqabla nahi. RAKHI IS THE BEST. In her own words “jeetna to kudrat ka khel hai”. We will always support her, even after the show. Woh show jeete na jeete, karodon dilon ko jeet liya, jo kisis aur ne nahi kiya. Don’t wanna waste anymore words on Rahul….

  44. A genuine opinion about BIG BOSS SHOW

    Concept: A show about C and D Grade celebraties

    1 line for all

    Arshad Warsi: The Best

    Bobby Darling: accept what god made you, its all in mind.

    Deepak Parashar: respected person why loose respect in such shows

    Aryan Vaid: Nice personality

    Anupama: Well respected person

    salil Ankola: Genuine person

    Deepak Tijori: Hard working person

    Baba Sehgal: Hard working person

    Ragini Shetty: Fake Smile, piece of trash

    Carol Gracias: Girl will do anything to gain popularity: Walk topless on shows
    on bigg boss 99% of the time the girl was half naked.
    FOX face but pretends to be innocent. girl is 30yrs old, smokes, live with guys and does shows topless and make controversies that it slipped off

    Rahul Roy: INSECURE GUY As commented by respected Directors such Mahesh Bhatt

    Amit Sadh: Dogs are more civilized than him

    Roopal Ganguly: cries for Ravi Kissen

    Ravi Kissen: another lalu prasad

    Kashmira Shah: A LOOSER in LIFE,
    Girl lost everything, A husband Brad, Krishna, BF and friend Rakhi

    Rakhi Sawant: Bold and Beautiful

  45. This is the final comment on this post.
    This post has become a battleground to prove that post are not coming from same person.

    I am a software engineer by profession and I have disclosed this thing after very careful observation. Yes it is true that same IP address does not mean same person as most of Indian ISP are using proxy servers to provide the internet access. But there is one more thing to it. All Web Servers record some other data also, and using that data and some common sense (Like timing and language of comments) anyone can draw the conclusion.

    Yes Sonali, you are right, you got a benefit of doubt.

    Commentator who was posting in favor of one particular contestant was doing it with different names. When I disclose the fact to everyone, that same person tries to create the confusion by posting comments in favor of different contestants.(You can see the timings of comments)

    And all commentators must know that contestants of Bigg Boss’ house are not connected to outer world by any mean. So these comments, news, posts are solely for the public.

    If required, I can prove my points by technical inputs of my server.

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  47. Круто написано. Можно сказать за душу берет, ну и заставляет подумать над собственным блогом.

  48. Ага! Премного благодарен! Теперь на целый день есть работа! 🙂

  49. Действительно, как говорится – Без пользы жить – безвременная смерть.

  50. Да, такой блог однозначно надо раскручивать сильнее – что б как можно больше людей о нем узнали! 🙂

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