Bigg Boss : Rahul win the BiggBoss game

in short, Rahul win the BiggBoss game.

more in details very soon.

8 Responses to “Bigg Boss : Rahul win the BiggBoss game”

  1. so disturbing result!
    u know y becoz he does not deserve to win the bigg boss game…. i think rakhi is the best

  2. Rahul Roy deserves to win.He is a winner.Thanks god Ravi was evicted because he doesnt deserve anything

  3. This is the right decision by bigg boss that he announced Rahul as the winner because he deserves it.Through all the games rahull was calm,he didnt argue with anyone,he didnt talk bad about any one.Ravi came third thats nice he is very proud of himself ,cruel,jeolous and he doesnt deserve anything..Rahul is the winner

  4. I too agree with the results and consider Rahul to be the deservent winner of the series. He, according to me, was the only person who had a set plan in his mind and he did not allow anything or anyone to deviate his ideology and actions and made sure that he followed that plan that did actually work well for him.

    Congratulations to him. I can’t wait for the next season. 🙂

  5. Jeetna to Sirf Rakhi 🙁

    ko he chahiey thaa 🙁

    kyunkay Pooray Bigg B 🙁

    Show main wohi best 🙂

    thi.Par Chalo Ravi(T.S) 🙂

    to nahi jeeta na…… 🙂

    Jo khud apni tareefay 🙂

    karta thaa .Totlaa Star 🙂

  6. I was unhappy when Rakhi was evicted and was very upset with audience also that they will make either Proudy Ravi or biased, carol to win but from the result atleast I am happy that Rahul won. I agree he was not at all entertaining but if this show is game then I agree that Rahul really played very well from beginning without hurting anyone and their feelings. he showed the other fellowmates that show can win this also. congrats and good luck Rahul.

  7. OH! RAHUL WON!!! I think for them it was a game for us it was entertainment and people should have voted for the one who entertained us the most and that is rakhi. Noone else deserved more than rakhi. The show was a flop after she was gone. It was sooooooooooo boring after she left. If rahul and few more people like him were there in the show, the show would have been a complete flop. So why reward the person who didnot contribute to the show’s publicity and didnot entertain anyone. Ravi tried hard, Carol was also good for nothing. The way rahul talked in the show sounded like he is going to stand for some election. Hum chahege, hum keh rehe hai, hum sochte hai……what the hell man so boring. Hope the next season would be better.

  8. BB Show ko Rakhi Sawant 🙂

    nay Top par pohanchaya 🙂

    Sirf wohi Deserve karti thi 🙂

    Rahul nay kiya kya hai??? 🙁

    Fazool main Jita diya usay. 🙁

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