Bigg Boss : Reality Show : Some Realties of Bigg Boss House

  • Bobby Darling wants to change his sex.
  • Amit Sadh is in love with Neeru Bajwa
  • Aryan Vaid is in love with Anupama Verma(Anpama Verma denies this by saying that she was fall in love with the Aryan who was in the house of Bigg Boss house, not the real one…. In simple words she dined the realty of Aryan Vaid’s personality in house )
  • Carol was impressed with Ravi and she is in love with Ravi (This was one the major issue on which everyone in the house was against Rakhi because she was the lady who publicized this theory very much.)
  • Deepak Parashar is a very loving and caring person.
  • Rakhi Sawant has a secret boy friend Abhishek.
  • Ravi Kissen was the most controversial character of the hosue, He was said to in the center stage of the love triangle of Ravi, Carol and Rupali(If it was there)
  • We saw many faces of Kashmera Shah and we have seen that she can go to any length to prove her points. Over all she was frank with her words (Remember, she called Rahul Roy a one film wonder. Which is true but not many people has this courage or dare ness to say such words. )

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  1. I think its rubbish that there was a love triangle or even that carol was interested in Ravi in a romantic way. They were friends, thats all. Sony was cheap to come up with such a cooke dup story.

  2. haa!!!!!!!!!! if it were rubbish then why was carol massaging ravi when the lights went off.could it not have been done earlier.all adults will know that more than massaging was done in the dark so its no use dilly dalling around it was obvious that somethiong was going on………….the tapes that were show has more to tell than just being ‘friends’,,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Sab Drama thaa Yaar 🙂

    Kahan ka Reality Show 🙂

    Show waloon nay apna 🙂

    Fayeda dekha or Jinhay 🙂

    Log nikaalnay kay liey 🙂

    Dhara Dhar Vote bhej 🙂

    rahay thay, unhay woh 🙂

    nikaltay nahi thay kay 🙂

    acha hai, agli baari Log 🙂

    or Vote bhejayn gay or 🙂

    Show waalon kay paisay 🙂

    pooray ho jaayen gay . 🙂

    kyunkay sab say zayada 🙂

    Log Rupali, Ravi or Carrol 🙂

    ko Napasand kartay thay 🙂

    or unhay End tak BB 🙂

    say isi liey nahi nikala 🙂

    gaya, takay Log gussay 🙂

    main or Vote bhejayn next 🙂

    Week or BB Show kay 🙂

    Paisay Pooray 😉

  4. I agree Shanza. After all, they needed 50 lakhs for the winner. How else could they get it? So, people’s votes were a way of collecting the money for the winner. Next time, don’t vote until it is absolutely FREE

  5. Dear Shanza and Sonali

    These are the tricks done by every channels, u c the vote charges are also high. By the way i would like to say Shanza tht ppl liked Rupali coz she is one of Ekta kapoor serial actress and all Ekta Serial lovers liked her….. i m saying this coz i saw television interviews and serveys.

    hey Sonali now absolutely FREE cant be possible in any ways, after all its India, Aur agar FREE bhi hojata to Producer ke Bache kuche baal bhi gir jate…. he heh he …

    Do you know guys tht coz of this show v all hav also started fighting wid each other although v dont know eachother, agar ye show nahi hota to kitni shanti hoti. But i donno y i was happy see this show…. i didnt wanted to miss any episode.. gosh wht an addiction.

    Anywaz these were my thinkin if anyone oppose it, i don mind. After all Every Human Being have their own equal Rights.
    Take Care.

  6. Late Reply kay liey Sorry. 🙂

    Lakin main nay pehlay bhi 🙂

    mail main likha tha kay 🙂

    hum bhi Rupali ko Drama 🙂

    main Like kartay thay,lakin 🙂

    usay BB Show main itnay 🙂

    Dramay karnay ki kyaaaa? 🙂

    zaroorat thi? Itna Rona?? 🙂

    Itni Over Acting?agar woh :p

    Normal rehti to Log usay 🙂

    itna Dislike na kartay. 🙂

    Baki Show main asal Ronak 🙂

    sirf or sirf Rakhi Sawant 🙂

    nay lagai thi, us ki Acting 🙂

    ya Notanki, aap Log kuch 🙂

    bhi bolo, lakin woh Real he 🙂

    lagti thi 🙂

  7. dear sir
    i m ashu tyagi i want to jain bigg boss and i m very exited bigg boss
    mujhe ek mouka de ke dekho
    i m living in meerut

  8. bhi bolo, lakin woh Real he

  9. dera sir me bigg boss me aana chahta hoon

  10. hi,sir

    I am from Surat.i am studant. I am a great fan of big boss. I want to participate in big boss. please give me that great chance.

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