BiggBoss Winner : Rahul aashiqui Roy is back in the limelight!


Bigg Boss, the Indian version of the British reality show Big Brother reached its grand finale on Sony TV on Saturday night with struggling actor Rahul Roy walking away as the winner.

Rahul beat model Carol Gracias and Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kisshen, who were the finalists in the show, to be voted as the winner. Rahul wins Rs 50 lakh as prize money for the show.

Thirteen handpicked celebrities from various fields participated in the show in which each week one housemate was evicted through a system involving public and in-house voting and the celebrity who got the maximum number of votes got evicted.Two other people Baba Sehgal and Deepak Tizori were also introduced later in the show.

The show had begun around three months back. Rakhi Sawant, one of the evicted contestants was also allowed back into the Bigg Boss house.Kashmera shah also got a guest role in the house after her eviction but without the knowldge of housemates.

Bigg Boss participants, who had been evicted earlier, made an appearance in the grand finale including, model Anupama Varma, model and actor Aryan Vaid, singer Baba Sehgal, actor Kashmira Shah, item girl Rakhi Sawant and actors Amit Sadh, Bobby Darling,Deepak Parashar and Roopali Ganguli.

7 Responses to “BiggBoss Winner : Rahul aashiqui Roy is back in the limelight!”

  1. OKk FIneE! i GuEss out of da 3 RAhuL shUDda wiN!! lOLL

  2. Rahul Jeet gaya 🙁

    chalo theek hai 🙁

    Jeetna to Rakhi ko 🙁

    thaa, par kher jo 🙁

    ho gaya, lakin 1 🙁

    baat note kar lo 🙁

    Rahul kabhi bhi 🙂

    Hit nahi ho sakta 🙂

    shayed ab 1 ya 2 🙂

    Daramo main nazar 🙂

    aa jaaye, lakin 🙂

    Rakhi ki tarha 🙂

    Hit nahi ho sakta 🙂

  3. Hey Rahul should not have won, he was an hidden person never showed his
    real face in front of cameras for 85 days, he does not deserve this wi, rather
    i feel the actual winner should be Carol, she was opened to everything, but
    big Boss did not give her chance because of only communication problem,
    thats really bad, my win is Carol she was upfront in front of camera with her
    natural performance and thats why I also dont feel that this show was really
    a reality show.

  4. Rahul is the right winner. He endured everything with composure never spitting venom at others like the other housemates did . There is lots to learn from him and he has won my heart. I wish him success

  5. Yeah, I agree with Rajlaxmi

  6. I too agree with Rajlaxmi 🙂

  7. superb human being RAHUL SIR…..

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