Big Brother Shilpa Shetty win v/s Bigg Boss Rahul Roy win

Shilpa Shetty has won the Big Brother while Rahul Roy won our Desi Bigg Boss.

Which win is more important?

Bigg Boss win will be able to do what Bigg Brother win has done to Shilpa Shetty?

3 Responses to “Big Brother Shilpa Shetty win v/s Bigg Boss Rahul Roy win”

  1. I think tht Rahul Roy’s win was worth than Shilpa’s, coz Rahul won by Sincerely playin it (my point), and
    Shilpa jus won, coz of Sympathy. Well but my question is why was Shilpa’s issue got so important
    internationally but wht about Rakhi she was isolated by her housemates although Shilpa had shoulder to cry
    on…. guys think abt it … y do we always find errors or mistakes in others first but forget to see ourselves.
    Please don think tht i Like Rakhi and hate Shilpa …. its nothin like tht i dont have lov or hatred against them
    …but i m upset wid ppl who took this matter high.

  2. If the question is whether the Bigg Boss win is as big as the Big Brother win, then it absolutely isn’t. These two shows can’t be said to run parellal at all. Big Brother has a higher viewership and is something international which the whole world watches whereas Bigg Boss remains more local and is watched mostly by Asian audiences and hence comparing the wins from both will lead towards a debatable point.

    I’m sure Shilpa Shetty will get far more attention than Rahul Roy.

  3. Jo bhi jeetay hamay kya 🙁

    Rakhi jeeti hoti to kya 🙁

    he baat thi 🙁

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