Bobby could be ‘Big Brother’s darling!

After the show ‘Bigg Boss it might be ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ for Bobby Darling. Though Bobby admits that talks are on, she states reticently, “I am not too keen to talk about it at this juncture when nothing is on paper.”

However, Bobby still hates talking about her experience in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. “It was a very bitter experience. People there were so cunning. So you have to be cunning too. You cannot be straightforward. ‘Bigg Boss’ brought in much negative energy and it took a lot of time to get over that. People are such hypocrites,” says Bobby. “Being evicted from the show was very disheartening. I was there to raise money for my operation. Everyone knew it and yet they behaved badly with me,” she grouses.

But Bobby claims to have learnt from her ‘Bigg Boss’ mistakes and hence knows how to play the game in ‘Big Brother’. “I will play it wild. I will not be naïve anymore. Now, I know how to get things done,” Bobby claims.

Bobby in the meantime is ready to leave for the second shooting stint of her Hollywood film ‘Club 007’. She plays a transsexual dancer in the movie, which has actors from different countries. Bobby isthe only actor from India. “It’s a realistic film with our roles being close to our real life characters,” she says. Bobby is also doing ‘Kalpvriksh’ by Manika Sharma (assisted Santosh Sivan in ‘Asoka’).

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