Bigg Boss : Kashmera had joined Bigg Boss due to her bad financial condition

Kashmera Shah recently, in an interview to a magazine, has claimed that that contestants on the reality show Bigg Boss were asked to play roles.

According to Kashmera, Rakhi was the comedian, Aryan Vaid was the stud, Rupali Ganguly was the crybaby and she, the bitch.

She said she didn’t really like what she was doing but had no choice because of her bad financial condition. “I know people were wondering why I was behaving like that. But that’s what I was paid for. I went so many times in that confession room and cried. It’s so bad to play the vamp in real life. It destroys you completely as a person. People have to understand now that at that time I had no money and no career,” she was quoted as saying in the interview.

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