Bigg Boss 2 : Arshad Warsi will be back as the show’s host

Now, the season two is already on its way.

According to rumours, the producers, Endemol India, have sold the format to Viacom Entertainment and Communications. The format in the new season will be different because this time, there will be celebrities as well as common folk living in the house.

Arshad Warsi will be back as the show’s host. Apparently, he is being offered a whooping Rs 5 crores for the show.

Sony Entertainment Television’s Bigg Boss got a lot of eyeballs for its catfights between Rakhi Sawant and Kashmera Shah, Anupama Verma’s love story with Aryan Vaid and finally, Rahul Roy’s victory.

4 Responses to “Bigg Boss 2 : Arshad Warsi will be back as the show’s host”

  1. To
    Whom It May Concern

    Why Raja Choudhury is so much favoured by BIG BOSS ? Why that “bustard” is not being thrown out as yet even though that shameless unemployed “house-husband” of “Shweta Tiwari” (whose hobby is to invite “problems” and doing all sorts of womenish bitchings and has no vision of doing any constructive things himself) is comitting all nonsense & mischiefs ?

    There can be 3 possibilities viz.

    (1) There is a pre-planned setting viz. if he win he will share 50% of his prize money with BIG BOSS (i.e. indirect bribe is being offered to BIG BOSS) so he has to be the winner at end ?
    (2) BIG BOSS thinks Raja’s presence is going to increase the TRP of the show ?
    (3) BIG BOSS himself is a notorious person so he is “loving” him

    If No.(1) is correct then in that case please stop this farce and declare him the winner

    If No.(2) is correct then BIG BOSS … Let me share then that no “cheap” publicity can ever increase TRP

    If No.(3) is correct then I am forced to conclude that as destructive-minded Hitlar / Mussolini / Jinnahs are nothing but “dusmans” to the entire mankind so are you BIG BOSS and your “chamcha” Raja Choudhury who is a man who behaves like women [Note : I respect men, I respect women ; but I don’t respect men behaving like women]

    Please let me know that which of these above is correct …….

    Indranil Roy

  2. Kudos to u Mr.roy.I have also been writing about this cheap behaviour by Raja and his croonies from some time.Hopefully BB will listen and oust him at the earliest and bring some class to the show.

  3. I hate Rohit in Big Boss three , he is complete nightmare for me.

  4. BIG BOSS thinks Raja’s presence is going to increase the TRP of the show ? an i lovebig boss and amit bhaiya kaa to jabbab he nahe

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