Bigg Boss 2 : Facts of Bigg Boss Season 2

Bollywood starlet, Shilpa Shetty is all set to host ‘Bigg Boss 2’, the Indian version of UK’s popular reality TV show ‘Big Brother’. Shilpa will be seen hosting the second season of this series.

Shilpa is an experienced hand at reality show. She had won Big Brother, UK’s hugely popular show that made the actress an instant celebrity in London and other parts of the country.

BIGG BOSS SEASON 2′, premiering August 17th, everyday (Monday to Sunday), at 10:00 p.m. Only on COLORS. Bigg Boss Season 2, the Indian version of Big Brother, comes with its unique twists this year that make it bigger and better ‘newsmakers’ replace celebrities in BIG BOSS SEASON 2. That apart, for the first time in the history of Indian television, a show is being launched that will be aired everyday.

Further, there will be half an hour LIVE and unedited slot everyday starting second week that will air starting 12.30 a.m. Can it get more exciting? Yes, throw-in a couple of commoners with the newsmakers and the equation becomes even more exciting. Bigg Boss Season 2 presents the unique combination of reality and real unscripted drama.

It is the ultimate reality where 14 handpicked strangers will be locked in a house here we are talking about REAL people, REAL emotions and REAL drama. As the 14 hand picked contestants vie with each other to survive in the Bigg Boss Season 2 house, irritation, backbiting and backstabbing reach it’s prime. This group living together for 12 weeks brings out the best and worst in the contestants as they tussle to cope with the social pressure cooker until the bitter end stands a chance of winning the title and the large cash prize of Rs 75 lakhs!

Five elements make up the foundation of Bigg Boss- Season 2:

1. Back to basics:
The environment in which the housemates will have to live is stripped down to bare necessities.

2. No contact with the outside world: Nobody is allowed to have contact with the outside world and vice versa.

3. Assignment: The assignments are special tasks. The housemates can earn money with it to increase their weekly budget.

4. Confession Booth: The Confession Booth is the place where the housemates must report personally on their experiences and feelings.

5. Eviction : Every week participants are nominated by a voting procedure to leave the house, selected by their housemates and the viewers. Regularly, the housemates are nominated to be evicted, and the public decides which of the nominees will be evicted. (This time, viewers vote for who they want to see in the house.)


Second season will feature 14 contestants Live under one roof, sprawled over 10,000 square feet of land, 200 kms away from Mumbai Every action and emotion will be captured over 84 days, 24X7 by 32 cameras Contestants vie for the ultimate title and booty of Rs 75 lacs.
One anchor -Shilpa Shetty, India’s new heartthrob. A massive crew of over 250 trained professionals work round the clock to bring this show daily to millions of viewers. 76800 hours of footage captured over 3 months About the Show Bigg Boss Season 2.

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  1. very gud realty all programme. i like very much this show and my frav housemate is rahul mahajan , 100% rhaul mahajan win this wsss show

  2. I dont like BigBoss

  3. this show’s awesome i watch it everyday without fail.i dont want rahl mahajan t win coz he bought the whole house for more than 75 lacs so dat he wud win n get a gud name in public so i dont want him to win

  4. Ashutosh is not perpect participant in this house he is a boring man.

  5. What is the end date for bigg boss? i thought it was only going to be aired for 84 days??????

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