Bigg Boss 2 : Real People, Real Emotions and Real Drama

Colors, The Hindi general entertainment channel from Viacom18 has decided to run the one-hour reality show seven days a week at the highly-watched 10 pm band. There will also be a 30-minute live and unedited version of the show everyday at 12.30 am.

Bigg Boss2 will kick off on 17 August, replacing the channel’s driver show Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi that is scheduled to conclude on 14 August. The show will run for three months. Both the shows are produced by Endemol India.

As part of the format, the 14 contestants will live in the Bigg Boss house built in Lonavala near Mumbai. Around 32 cameras will capture each and every move of the contestants and they do not have any privacy. Of course, they have the privacy in bathrooms.

The house will not have any kind of entertainment or sources of communication with the outside world. There will not be any television, radio, music player, books, internet and phones.

Fridays would be the day of eviction. Saturdays would offer the spin off episode while Sundays would spice up the show with unseen footages ‘Andekha Masala.’

Shilpa Shetty announced the launch of Big Boss Season 2 on the new ‘Colors’ channel. The show would be telecast from 17th August & will be hosted by Shilpa Shetty who won the Big Brother UK last to last year.

The mixed bag of 14 contestants from different walks of life, leave their families behind and prepare to live in the Bigg Boss house built around the outskirts of Mumbai.

Those who enter the house will have to satisfy themselves with bare minimum items that they have brought everything that are needed for a living for three months. Nothing would be provided and the contestants have to cook, clean, sweep the floor, without any help from maids or cooks. Not even a make-up artiste to help them look better!

Bigg Boss will give the contestants some tasks on a weekly or a daily basis, through which they will earn their weekly budget. The group will use the budget to buy food items to survive in the house.

Each housemate nominates two contestants for eviction, while the Bigg Boss chooses two contestants with the maximum number of nominations to be put up for public vote. Voting lines open and the viewers vote to save the contestant they like the most from the ones up for eviction. The contestant with the maximum votes is saved from being evicted from the Bigg Boss house.

The challenge is to survive a popularity SMS poll, while co-living for 84 days under constant camera surveillance with other housemates for company and of course, ”the Bigg Boss”.

Every Monday to Thursday, viewers will get to see these 14 people struggle to cope up with the pressure built up in the boundaries of the Bigg Boss house. Fridays would be the day of eviction while Saturdays would offer the spin off episode. Sundays would spice up the show even more with ”Andekha Masala”.

Five elements make up the foundation of Bigg Boss- Season 2:

1. Back to basics: The environment in which the housemates will have to live is stripped down to bare necessities.

2. No contact with the outside world: Nobody is allowed to have contact with the outside world and vice versa.

3. Assignment: The assignments are special tasks. The housemates can earn money with it to increase their weekly budget.

4. Confession Booth: The Confession Booth is the place where the housemates must report personally on their experiences and feelings.

5. ”Eviction”: Every week participants are nominated by a voting procedure to leave the house, selected by their housemates and the viewers. Regularly, the housemates are nominated to be evicted, and the public decides which of the nominees will be evicted. (This time, viewers vote for who they want to see in the house.)

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