Deepak Tijori wants to make a film on Bigg Boss

The unreal experience as a contestant on Sony TV’s Bigg Boss game show has given Oops! director Deepak Tijori a new creative impetus.

“Being a filmmaker I was totally intrigued by the mind games being played in that house. I went there as a filmmaker and, yes, I want to make a film based on my experiences,” Tijori said.

Tijori is the only contestant on Bigg Boss who has been evicted without any bitterness in his attitude.

“There were some lovely people in there,” said Tijori who was called in after Salil Ankola was suddenly evicted.

No one has a bad word to say about Tijori.

“At first Aryan Vaid was upset with me. But as a filmmaker I taught all of them about camera placement and how to avoid being stared at by the camera lenses.

“As a director I’m enriched by the experience on Bigg Boss. I’m totally equipped to make a Bigg Boss film. I’ve already discussed it with the boys inside. I salute the guys who’ve brought Bigg Boss to this country.”

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