Bigg Boss 2 : Outrageous Sherlyn wanted cameras even in the bathrooms

Actress and singer Sherlyn Chopra will no longer join the Housemates in ‘Bigg Boss’ as she has been shown the door. Sherlyn, who was in discussion to be cast on the show, could not close the deal as her two conditions could not be met on time.

Apparently, the newbie asked for a sum of Rs 3 crore for her 3-month appearance in the ‘Bigg Boss’ House.

Accorsing to sources Sherlyn wanted cameras to be placed even in the bathrooms so that she could flaunt her bikinis while bathing, which the producers didn’t agree to.

Sherlyn is a typical bindaas new-age babe. Everyone knows that if she would have been on the show, the TRP’s would have sky-rocketed simply with her boldness and flamboyance. It’s hardly ‘her’ loss.

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  1. I am Interasting live in Big boss House i am in bussanse i am intrestin building constrction & builder

  2. This is a reflection of the boring north indian male chauvanistic and loud culture. you hardly see any men working in the house. The so called men dont seem to be bothered when sambhavana is abused and gestured obsenely by Raja. In Hyderabad, such bastards would be thrased black and blue by any passerby. The show in general is bad for children watching it specially because it higlights the basic attitudes of all kinds of losers.

  3. None of your housemates have spoken about a book, a good movie or any aspect of international/national interest. The show is replete with obscenities and dirty scheming and seems to be centred only around nomination and nothing else. The participants just talk about nomination or their loser lifes and nothing else. Everyone understands the importance of TRP in your business but the show should not go down to these levels and you must have some social responsibility and concern for young and impressionable viewers before airing bull shit like this. Its time some sense of quality and decency crept into your show. I only hope people do not learn to behave like the losers you are showing in the house assuming that it is cool. Copying western shows and then degrading them for shock value to suit your TRP aspirations is at best despicable.

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