Shilpa’s tormentor Jade Goody in India for Bigg Boss

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is all set to come face-to-face again with her former tormentor Jade Goody, who sparked a racism row during their stint in Big Brother, as the British celebrity will now be part of the Indian version of the reality show.

British actor Jade Goody, who hit headlines last year for her racist remarks against Shilpa Shetty on the UK reality TV show ‘Big Brother’, arrived in Mumbai on Friday to participate in the Indian show ‘Bigg Boss’ .

This time, however, Shilpa will not be Goody’s house-mate, but her ‘host’.

British reality television celebrity Jade Goody is set to go into the Indian Big Brother house in an attempt to amend her public image. Goody, 27, is due to fly to Mumbai August 14 to prepare for the show’s weekend launch, earning a whopping 100,000 pounds, and she is expected to enter the house on August 18.

Goody landed in Mumbai by Virgin Airlines this morning and drove to Lonavala, where the ‘Bigg Boss’ will be shot.

Goody has participated twice in the ‘Big Brother’. Her racist remarks against Shilpa created a huge controversy, and generated a lot of sympathy for the Indian actor, who eventually emerged winner in last year’s edition of the British show.

Bigg Boss, with a format similar to that of ‘Big Brother’, will go on air on the channel `Colors’ this Sunday, August 17.

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