Bigg Boss Season 2 Starts with a Bang

So, Season 2 of Bigg Boss is here, and this time choice of people is really good and we can say that this time drama is going to be more spicy and big.

From Rahul Mahajan to Monica Bedi most of the people has been in lime lights due to bad reasons, so definitely they will try to clear their image. Raja Choudhry seems to play the emotions card, and Rahul Mahajan was busy in building his supportive image.

If Rahul Roy, previous season’s winner has to be believed Monica Bedi is going to win the show.

Lets see what is going to be there….

You can see the list of house mates on our housemates page, we are trying to provide as much as information on the housemates, you are also invited to post your comments on particular pages of housemate.

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