Bigg Boss 2 : Bigg Boss star Jade Goody is suffering from cancer

Bigg Boss star Jade Goody is suffering from cervical cancer, it has been revealed.British celebrity Jade Goody has left Bigg Boss 2 after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Goody, who was supposed to be the surprise element on Bigg Boss 2, broke down because she couldn’t understand and cope with Hindi. Bigg Boss 2 rules include communicating only in Hindi. Although Payal Rohatgi helped her with the language, it became too much for her after a point. Goody was also missing her children.

Shilpa Shetty, the host of Bigg Boss Season2, said, “”It is unbelievable, how life is so unpredictable and finds a way to distract and derail you from your plans. My prayers are with Jade, her family in this hour, when they face one of the biggest tests of their life, in times ahead. I pray she comes out of this, soon and, stronger. Hope that she is going back with happy memories from this country.”

The first episode of Bigg Boss 2 showed Jade making successful attempts to interact and make friends with all the Bigg Boss housemates and show the real her to the world. Being a bubbly individual, she was accepted by the housemates and gelled well with them.

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  1. get rid of shilpa shetty. she makes the eviction episode so boring and her hosting is pathetic.
    not a host by any means.
    even Pooja bedi will be better than her.

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