Bigg Boss 2 : Day One of Bigg Boss Season 2

On Day One all participants were divided into partners, which they did by using ‘chit’ and the list of partners goes like this: Zulfi Syed and Rahul Mahajan, Sambhavna Seth and Ashutosh Kaushik, Monica Bedi and Ehsaan Qureshi, Ketki Dave and Raja Chaudhari, Sanjay Nirupam and Rakhi Tandon, Payal Rohatgi and Goody, Elina and Deobjit Saha.

Keeping the tradition of athiti devo bhava (the guest is worthy of worship), Bigg Boss gave safe guard to Jade and her lucky partner Payal.

Both of them will not be nominated from eviction this week. In the nomination.

Raja and Sanjay were the ones who were nominated by the participants for eviction and one of them will be out. Raja got 10 votes while Sanjay got five votes for eviction from the participants.
All participants woke up late on Day One, after 9 am, except Ehsaan and Ketki who woke up early. All of them enjoyed egg bhurji (scrambled eggs Indian style) at the breakfast table. Jade sought the introduction of many along with their profession. Sanjay was introduced as a politician, while Ashutosh did not reply back to her.

On Day One Sambhavna, tried teaching her dance style to Jade. In an open discussion Jade did share her experiences of Big Brother, and her point of view probably to better her image in India.

Rahul was considerate to her and volunteered to translate. Rahul was bit talkative and did prod Monica on personal issues like which jail did she go to? So action is on with two nomination already on the eviction list and they have weekly jobs in hand.

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