Bigg Boss 2 : Sherlyn to replace Jade Goody?

With Jade Goody leaving Bigg Boss 2 after being diagnosed with cancer, speculation is rife whether rising star Sherlyn Chopra will replace the Brit in the television show.

It can be recalled that after being in discussion for appearing on “Bigg Boss”, the firebrand was shown the door as her two conditions could not be met on time. She had asked for a sum of Rs 3 crore for her 3-month stay in the “Bigg Boss” house. Since, after her first music album “Outrageous”, her second album “Dard-e-Sherlyn” has also become a runaway success, she felt that only a decent price could keep her inside the house for three months.

But for Sherlyn to give her nod, she needs an incentive, said her publicist Dale Bhagwagar. “Only if she gets what she deserves to be away for three months from the promotions of her latest musical success Dard-e-Sherlyn, will she agree to be on the show,” he said.

It is also learnt that Sherlyn had suggested that the makers install cameras even in bathrooms of the house, so that she could flaunt her vast collection of colourful bikinis and inner wear while bathing

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  1. I am UK visitor to this exciting site!

    I am astonished that most of the BB housemates seem to be well known personalities and celebrities already!

    What ever happened to the ‘real people’??

    Look forward to catching up on the going’s on and gossip in the BB India House.

    Love to all!


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