Bigg Boss 2 : Day Three of Bigg Boss Season 2 (Episode 4)

The episode begins with housemates missing Jade and all of them wishing she gets well soon and they all will call her as soon as they are out from the Bigg Boss House.

Bigg Boss calls Aashutosh to give him Debojit’s Tanpura and tells him that they will get their food supply on Wednesdays.

Further Payal requests Bigg Boss if they can get the swimming pool cleaned up so they all can swim…to that effect Rahul says Bigg Boss please clean up the swimming pool so we can get these girls wearing bikinis and the TRP’s will go high because of that.

Bigg Boss announces the basic rules that the housemates have to follow for instance Waking up when the alarm rings.

They all have to complete the task allotted…they cannot discuss their nominations…there is hot water for one hour after the alarm…The store room is open only for 15 minutes…and you have to speak only in Hindi.

Sanjay and Rahul are sitting when Sanjay starts reading Rahul’s hands and says if it was not for his father he would have been a zero. Post that Rahul, Zulfi and Aashutosh discuss regarding the same.

The Second Task of Bigg Boss :

The second task of the “Bigg Boss” house is that all the housemates have to sit around and the Bigg Boss has given them a list of questions to ask each one, in the duration of 3 minutes.
The questions are as follows:

1 From where have you come? / Where do you belong to?
2 Most important moment of your life
3 One thing the changed your life.
4 Reason for being in “Bigg Boss”.
5 Why you want to win the prize money?

The housemates ask questions to each other, but only till the time the alarm rings.

2 Responses to “Bigg Boss 2 : Day Three of Bigg Boss Season 2 (Episode 4)”

  1. Rahul great going and you are buttering evryone wonderfully.Please also
    think about your self respect while buttering others…………………..
    sanjay you dont have any right to say anything to sambhavana about her dressing or
    her life (waise neta kabhi badal nahi sakte……….)
    sambhavna dont take anyones talks seriously actuall people are jealous of your glamour
    (specially sanjay…)

  2. Big Boss 2 Sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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