Bigg Boss 2 : Day Two of Bigg Boss Season 2

Day two begins with housemates having insomnia as none of them have slept the entire night as the task was to sleep in total of 100 hours till Wednesday. They all decide to sleep and wake up in some time and then continue with their task.

The first alarm rings but no one wakes up. At the second alarm the first housemate to wake up is Ketki Dave and is shocked to see everybody sleeping.At the third alarm all the housemates wake up.

Ehsaan initially gave cooking tips to Ketki Dave.

Debojit is frustrated that he cannot do his riyaz without his musical instrument.

While Rahul Mahajan cracked jokes and made people laugh, Ashutosh Kaushik and Ehsaan Qureshi gathered all and made Jade Goody play the very Indian sport of kabaddi!

Jade, trying hard to talk in Hindi, couldn’t understand the game’s name and called it ‘cup of tea’, leaving everyone in splits.

Further in the episode all of them are sitting together and Raja tells Aashutosh teasingly to teach Jade Hindi. Ashutosh starts with A for Aloo, B for Bhaloo and further on.

After some time Jade Goody starts crying because she is missing her children. Monica consoles her and tries to calm her down.

Payal looks in the camera and wishes “Happy Birthday” to her mother.

Further in the episode Jade finds out that she is suffering from cancer and then Bigg Boss decides to bid her good bye and wishes her that she recovers well.

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