Bigg Boss 2 : Shilpa’s real name is not Shilpa

Shilpa  Shetty is a hot property on the small screen. Last year after she win  the British Reality Show Big Brother she is one of the highest paid female anchor in the Indian television.

We have heard that the actress is slated to become the highest paid female anchor in the history of television in India.

It is something that none except Shilpa Shetty ’s family and very close friends knew. But now the secret is out.

But it is Shilpa’s little personal secret that was hidden until now. The leggy lass’s real name is not Shilpa. It’s Ashwini.

Ashwini Shetty is how Shilpa is named on legal documents like passport or election card.

Speaking to a news daily, Shilpa has admitted that her real name is Ashwini. The actress also revealed that her name was changed for numerological reasons when she was just a teenager.

However the actress added that she is not used to being called Ashwini and loves Shilpa as her name.

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  2. I am not sure y Rahul is getting piled on to Monica, he says he has come here to clear the bad image, and the “badnami” he has added to his father’s name. By getting close to all the time controversial Monica he is going to get in to more trouble. She is the finest example for “Looks are deceptive”.

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