Bigg Boss 2 : Farah Khan and Pooja Bedi in Bigg Boss

Jade Goody, left the house of Bigg Boss on the night of August 18. Goody’s decision was preceded by a call from her doctor in London, who wanted her to come back urgently following the detection of cervical cancer.

Her exit from the show means someone else’s entry, and one possibility is that rising star Sherlyn Chopra may replace Jade on the show. Sherlyn asked for a sum of Rs 3 crore for an appearance of three months, and also made some other outrageous demands.

The identity of the new entrant has been kept under wraps, there is no truth in the second story that choreographer-director Farah Khan will substitute Jade. However, Farah is going to be on the show for a day.
Pooja Bedi is on the verge of signing a contract with “Bigg Boss 2”. According to sources,Bedi ain’t replacing Goody, but will get into a critic mode and will be analysing performances of the participants.

7 Responses to “Bigg Boss 2 : Farah Khan and Pooja Bedi in Bigg Boss”

  1. Hello
    Big Boss season 1 was very good in compare of season 2. Most of the participents are
    boring. Rahul Mahajan irritating us. AGAR YAHI HAAL RAHA TO YE SHOW KOI NAHI DEKHEGA.

  2. sambhavna seth is really ridiculous.her dances are very horrible.

  3. i have seen alot of people who are against BJP righting stuff about rahul mahajan..when it is proved he is best contestent and the pattern could be seen on different sites…seems like congress rookies are on net doing the round.Sambhavna,ashutosh and raja shd go first (sanjay is already been evicted.) n then this fatma shd be banned who seems like activist of congress n si

  4. Hi big boss.
    Ye kiya ho reha hai parmod mahajan k chalte to hum show dekh rahe hai. And most of there is boaring. Especially to sambabna’s group.
    Change rule of voting. Aushutosh is mastermind he know ki groupism kaise karna because he also winner of rodies. You think u this else of participent.

  5. I think the show is going to be a big hit in comming days as lots of MASALA is in it which interesting
    As a viewer v really got boared in watching SAAS BAHU and VAMP serials so now v wr in need
    to c a real VAMPS with lots of ENTERTAINMENT….ALL THE BEST !!!!!!

  6. this show “big boss season 2 ” is definately goin to take a political turn n will add to a lot of confusion within the parties.

  7. Hey Big Boss !!!

    What an entertaining package of stars to see under one roof, Great !! iam enjoying every bit of it. My Best Wishes to Rahul, Raja and Debo. I hope the winner should be only one of them.
    ALL THE BEST !!!!

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