Bigg Boss 2 : Sanjay to help Monica Bedi buy a house in Mumbai

Sanjay Nirupam, who is a participant in the ‘Bigg Boss’ reality show along with controversial starlet Monica Bedi and others, Wednesday declared he would help the actor in purchasing a house in Mumbai.

‘When we get out of this show, I will get you a house in Lokhandwala where all the Bollywood people stay or anywhere else you want,’ Nirupam stated during the episode aired Wednesday night.

He vowed to do so when gangster Abu Salem’s companion Monica spoke about her dire need for money to buy a house in India’s financial capital. She also shared her ordeal in dealing with people in Mumbai, who are wary of her due to her proximity with Salem.

Monica Bedi said: ‘The prize is very important. It holds a lot of meaning for me. People think Monica Bedi has a lot of money. But it is not so. I need this money to buy a home. Nobody gives me a house on rent also because people are scared of me.

The actor burst into tears and added: ‘I am grateful to ‘Bigg Boss’ for letting me be on this show, through which I can reveal my real self.’

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