Bigg Boss 2 : Day Four of Bigg Boss Season 2 (Episode 5)

The episode begins with the wake up montage where the cock alarm makes all the housemates dance and enjoy the morning alarm.

Sambhavana finds a crab in the house and decides to name the crab “Goody the crab” and tells everyone that if they are missing Goody then they should see the crab in the glass…

Further Sambhavana and Elina are in the kitchen cooking when Rahul comes in and says, “I think we all should buy this house.” Sambhavana says, “I woke up last night and could hear voices then I realised you guys might be up but then I saw every one in the house was sleeping … I could still hear voices I guess there’s a bhoot in the house but they will not be able to see the bhoot on camera. Rahul replies, “Haan television par bhoot nahi dikha taa.”

The 3rd task is given to Raja. The housemates have to make pairs (one girl and one boy) and dance on the paper with their respective partners. Raja is suppose to be the judge for the paper dance but Sanjay Nirupam refuses to do the task and tells everyone including Bigg Boss that he can’t do something like this.

Bigg Boss calls Raja and agrees to the request and tells Raja and Sanjay to exchange their roles. The pairs are as follows…

Sambhavana with Zulfi,
Alina with Debojit,
Monika with Rahul,
Payal with Ahsaan,
Ketki with Aashutosh,
Rakhi with Raja

Payal and Ehsaan is the first pair who failed to do the task. Rakhi and Raja are the winners,Bigg Boss gives a gift to Rakhi.

Bigg Boss gives the first warning to Rahul Mahajan that if Rahul instigates the housemates to revolt against the rules and forces them to remove their mikes if they don’t get cigarettes, he will be automatically nominated for eviction.

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  1. my husband and myself absolutely love the concept of bigg boss and the program itself. we are hooked. its fun and intriguing. am gonna develop dark circles trying to keep awake and watching my most favourite reality a teacher by profession.can i ever get a glimpse of the amazingly made house??? thanx for season 2 we were eagerly awaiting it.

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