Bigg Boss 2 : Shilpa wishes Goody well with cancer battle

Shilpa Shetty has offered her condolences to her one time rival Jade Goody after the latter was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The Big Brother star had been appearing on the Indian version of the reality show – known as Bigg Boss – when she was informed of the diagnosis and has flown home to the UK.

And Bollywood actress Shetty, who was the target of alleged racism from Goody when they both appeared on Celebrity Big Brother has offered her support to her former housemate. “I’d like to say on behalf of the people of India that we wish her well and our prayers are with her,” she told GMTV.

Shilpa Says, “I was really sad, it’s a tough time for her and I hope she’s able to cope with this anguish. My prayers and wishes are with her and her family. I am just glad she came to India and has taken back some good memories, peoples perceptions of her have changed for the better here.

I spoke to her and she was happy atleast on that front. But was scared, hope things are better for her, it has been a tough 18 months.”

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  1. awww jade your an awesome’ve proved it by cumin 2 India..Shilpa has forgivn u and I thnk the whole of India should aswel..God bless u

  2. I love Shilpa Shetty, she is the best ac rice I have ever seen.

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