Sanjay Nirupam is another Ravi Kissen?

As I have pointed out in one of my previous post around 20 months ago during season 1, voting pattern of Bigg Boss is really confusing .

This time they have changed the pattern BUT unfortunately they have not highlight this FACT very clearly.

In my view Sanjay Nirupam can be victim of this confusion, first victim of confusion was Ravi Kissen.

Most of the Bihar and UP people voted for him, they were not aware that every vote will be counted against him, because voting was on negative pattern and you was supposed to vote for the person you do not like.

This time most the people are in the impression of the same pattern, BUT pattern this time is positive pattern, You have to vote for the person you like.

SO Please make NOTE of it that voting pattern of Bigg Boss has changed this time.

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  1. IF Ravi Kishan was victim did he able to stay in top 3… If its about UP ppl getting confuse then i guess Ravi wld have been out in the first eviction only when his name was nominated…

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