Bigg Boss 2 : Review of Bigg Boss Season 2 (Episode 7)

Elina and Raja are sitting and discussing the voting results then Elina says “I think the voting was fair.”
Sambhavana comes and confronts Monica that there is groupism happening and the housemates are gossiping and plotting about her.

Sambhavana, Rahul, Elina and Ashutosh are chilling and gossiping. Then they start teasing Rahul that all the girls in the house are his sisters, right? To that effect he says, “No all are my friends.” When specifically asked about Payal and Monica he says they are good friends too. All of them then start teasing him and ask, “Are you dating Payal?” To that Rahul says, “No I am not dating Payal & will tell you the name of my girlfriend later.”

Ashutosh and Sambhavana discuss about Ehsaan being the next target by Rakhi & Rahul so they decide to go up to him and warn him regarding the same. But as they reach Ehsaan, Sambhavana starts cribbing about her problem with Sanjay Nirupam and goes off track and forgets about the warning they were suppose to give Ehsaan.
The 4th task is given by Bigg Boss to the housemates is that they all have to sit in a circle and spin the arrow (Truth & Dare) and the person sitting in the direction of the arrow has to answer a question by the person sitting opposite.

During the task Ehsaan opts for the dare option and Elina dares him to kiss Sanjay Nirupam five times on his checks and he is successful in doing the same. Zulfi does the Nagin dance with Sambhavana playing the been. Debojit opts for a dare and Payal tells him to dress up like a girl and sing in a girl’s voice and dance on the same song. Very sportingly he agrees to do that…he wears Sambhavana’s ghagra and sings “Choli ke peeche” and dances on the same.

Ehsaan gives a message for his kids: “I am missing you all and I hope you all are going great and are in great health.”

Bigg Boss gives a warning to Rakhi, Monica and Rahul for fiddling with the mike and covering the mike when discussing issues.

2 Responses to “Bigg Boss 2 : Review of Bigg Boss Season 2 (Episode 7)”

  1. big boss is pathatic…when i am watching the contestants i really feel like vomit….aaaa.. all lossers are there…except ashu and quershi

    bad, pitiable… all losers are togethar…

  2. Bigg Boss contestants has gutts to live in that house full of politics and rivals. Bigg boss had helped so many struglers to make their career and come up in their lives. Monica and Raja whose lifes had changed after this showis certain
    that bigg boss is a good place to show your reality and make your career. Keep it up. Good Luck

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