Bigg Boss Season 2 : Zulfi Syed celebrates his birthday in BiggBoss House

It’s Zulfi Syed birthday today and everybody wishes him. To make it special Bigg Boss gives him a cake. He celebrates his birthday with the housemates. To his surprise he gets a gift from Bigg Boss, which is a pair of shoes with a card.

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  1. i am a fan of this show. i watch this show regularly.its a pleasure and fun to watch this show.shilpa is doing a great favourite contestant is zulfi.
    i hate to see sambhavana seth.i love watching this show

  2. dear zulfi

    wishing u a very very happy birthday

  3. i am a fan of this show whenever i get the time either its 10 o’clock or 1 a.m. at midnight.
    i really appreciate this show very much
    i watch this reality show without fail daily.
    i love this show just b’coz of zulfi syed.
    he is one and only best model, actor , or a human being.
    he is such a nice actor ,he is very cute and charming . i wish if i’ll get his phone no. or mail id
    i can explain that how much i love him.

    wishin him a very very happy birthday.
    May all his dream & good desire come true
    May GOD Blessed him always & i waish from bottom of my heart that he win this reality show.

    with love & regrads
    reaz – +919903093584

  4. Sambhavna kitni buri lagti hai sharmati hue, she is PRETENCious!

    Kitni buri acting especially when she is bitching around people. Zulfi is lostttt, Sambhavna and Zulfi on a date?? PUHLEEEEEEEEEEEESE!

    Rahul is sooo sweet in this.

  5. I think zulfi is very cool and calm man and he will be win this show.
    best of luck………. Zulfi

  6. i feel zulfi is the most deserving person to win this competition………. if he continues to remain
    calm and decent and not get involved in all the politics going round in the house……..

    zulfi………u will definitely win this game…
    all the best………

  7. hi zulfi
    many many happy returns of day
    i like very much
    plzzzzzzzzz reply

  8. hi, i m rishi khare wants to say something on what is happening in BIGG BOSS season2. After saturday night incidence RAHUL decided to take voluntary exit from bigg boss house, this seems to be bit bizzare because the person who wanted to make and show a good image in front of common mass decided to go out of the house without any reason. and how can bigg boss allow a person to leave the house. This had happened before also , when sambhavana wanted to leave the house b’coz she was not comfortable with housemates such as RAJA, ZULFI n PAYAL, but at that time bigg boss rejected her request n said her to remain in the house. But today , when RAHUL said to leave the house bigg boss accepeted his request . ANd as we all know that there was a bet of RS . 150 crore on RAHUL, so this may be the reason , why RAHUL was alienated from the house. He must be proposed by the bigg boss some huge amount if he leaves the house. So he decided to leave the house and it happened. Now there are 3 candidates remaining , out of these , i think ZULFI will win the game , b’coz he never won anything in Bigg boss house. RAJA won the modelling show award , ASHUTOSH won the best housemate award n Now is the chance of ZULFI . And zulfi is the most unexpected one, so from betting point of view. SO ZULFI IS GOING TO WIN THIS GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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