Bigg Boss 2 : Review of Bigg Boss Season 2 (Episode 11)

The episode begins with the “Madhuban Mein Kanhayiya Jo Gopiyon Se Mile” song from the movie “Lagaan” as the wake up call for all inmates.
Further, Ehsaan discusses his love story. How he met his wife… what all they had to go through as they were from different communities and how to get each other they had to struggle a lot.

Rahul consults Debojit on should he change himself because he loves to be with girls and he is more comfortable with them. To this effect Debojit says, “No be yourself and nominations are a part of the process so don’t worry.”
The extension of the previous task is that all the housemates are provided with flowers and they have to make 10 feet long garlands with them.

Since Lord Krishna and Radha (enacted by Rahul Mahajan and Payal) are the privileged ones, they have been excluded from performing the given task.

Payal and Sambhavana are seen chatting and Payal says, “Sambhavana I really like you. You are a very nice girl.”
A shocked Sambhavana replies, “You are the first girl who has appreciated me like this. There are very few girls who appreciate me.”

In the afternoon the dog alarm is played to wake everyone up. All the housemates start smiling and enjoying the alarm.

Further in the episode Monica and Sambhavana discuss Elina being a commoner amongst them. They say that even when she helps them in all the household cores at times she feels a little left out because she is not a celebrity herself. Later Rakhi joins them in the conversation and all of them conclude they should speak to Alina about this and make her feel comfortable.

The alarm rings as an indication for the Gawalas to start practising the Human Pyramid for the Dahi Handi event scheduled for Wednesday. Zulfi and Ashutosh find the hidden handi under the storage of one of the girl’s bed. Then they declare this to all the girls and tell them that now the girls should find the handi that these boys have hidden.

Monica and Sambhavana desperately look for it but are unable to find it. The boys also try and misguide them and say that Krishna knows where the handi is hidden. On asking him Krishna says that he swears upon Radha that he doesn’t know where the handi is and the housemates tease him and say that he should swear upon Mira and not Radha.

Later Big Boss calls Rakhi, Rahul, Ketki, Raja, Ehsaan and Alina inside the confession room and talks to them. All called, pour their hearts out in front of Big Boss, some even cry and tell him about what politics housemates are playing inside the house.

A dinner task is organised especially for Zulfi since it’s his birthday wherein all the housemates cook special food for him.

3 Responses to “Bigg Boss 2 : Review of Bigg Boss Season 2 (Episode 11)”

  1. i just hate dat women “Sambavana”….
    she’s a very dangerous person to be in the society….

  2. big boss1 was tooooooooooo cool……this season is horrible
    I never missed a single episode of the first season…..the housemates of this season are very boring and very dull….all they do is discuus whom to nominate…no masti ….no gossiping other than the nomination…last time a lot of other gossip was there so it made it worth a watch..
    veryyyyy boring…this time

  3. this season is boring.. only fights & pre-planned nominations.. All the good people are moving out like Ketki, Elina, Monica, Rakhi falling prey to pre-planned nominations..
    its just that the strong contenders are removed.. Im not in favor of Payal Rohatgi as she is fake & gossiper creating problems in the house.. Sambhavna is true in the heart so she is frank.. Rahul is innocent..Raja is unbearable
    Diana must win the show
    Hope to see Payal OUT soon!!

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