Rahul Mahajan interested in – Payal Rohatgi or Monica Bedi?

Rahul was initially seen to be getting close to Payal Rohatgi but he is in no mood to date the actress anymore. Incidentally Rahul had chosen Payal to play his Radha after he was voted Krishna by the house member on the occasion of Janmasthami.

The question is whom is Rahul Mahajan interested in – Payal Rohatgi or Monica Bedi? On the “Bigg Boss” cameras he seems to be completely ignoring Payal and lavishing interest on Monica.

In fact, Rakhi was heard scolding Rahul last week for “freaking” Monica out by flirting with her. To this Rahul replied that he was only indulging in some “time pass”.

18 Responses to “Rahul Mahajan interested in – Payal Rohatgi or Monica Bedi?”

  1. we are greatly disappointed for the nominations by other members due to they feel insecure for these candidate. the nominated should be give by public and not from the big boss house. those who r getting nominated ro Rahul n Monica think it will be danger for them if they continues stays in big boss house due to their publicity.

    the phanda of repeated nominations from own house r not good / correct from other members. you will have to give other peoples to decided about nominations and not the existing members which r their in the house?? if these peoples like – Rahul or Monica moves out from the house then no one will be interested to watch ur big boss program which color tv must understand.

    hope u will take approprate decision about nominations.

    the procedures has to change n let public to decide the nominations.


  2. plz if possible enter good housemates we can have many characters famous characters and some lively
    celebrity to make it good and take those rubbish people out yar

  3. Hey why dont u send some good celebrities in BB’s house.We r getting bore to see the same faces,infact we were expecting atleast one more celebrity in the second week.U have very good option like Mikka & Abhishek together and then watch the spicy fun.what say guys???Infact zulfi,ketki,elina,ehsaan they r so innocent what they r doing in BB’s house.We want those who can creat controversy. This is just a suggession rest is up to u…

  4. I think Big Boss will have no juice in it if Monica and Rahul go out.
    Better send Sambhavna out

  5. It would be good if both Rahul and Monica can be opted out his week only. Payal should realise this is reality show and not fashion show and have better dressing sense.
    Better mix of people inside the BB was expected as in BB 1

  6. The main charcter in bb house is rahyul and monica we all are watching the show due to this 2 members if any one out from the house then i think very dissapointing for us .

  7. It would be better if rahul be carefull with payal, coz payal trying to dominate rahul she wants
    rahul to listen what ever she says which rahul have to understand that this is big boss kha ghar
    and be what he is than listening to payal. yup monika and rahul were better coz both r fools they
    beleive the people who nominated them and at last monika came to know who is what and what
    BETTER. So best of luck rest of the BB 2 season guys over there……….

  8. In the wild card entry, i wish if Monica Bedi comes back. So that she gets a chance to reveal the true Monica. The impression that we hav got of her till date is that she is actually a good girl.

  9. It is sad to see monica leave…and the public had no option but to choose b/twn Rahul and Monica..n most of the other members are fake.we are all loosing interest to see the chemistry btwn other faking housemates.If the channel wants to give something interesting to the audience they must have a wild card entry soon to get Monica back.Rahaul and Monica are the highlights of the show and if they are gone nothing remains!!And yes the housemates are not giving any logical reason(other than their dislikes and insecurity) to nomite anyone.The format is not really apt to ooze our expectation!…

  10. Rahul Mahajan was passing time with Monica.Now Monica is out off.She is a nice girl.She should back in big boss house.She was the main charecter of house.

  11. Get Monica back to Bigg Boss. Maybe through a wild card entry. Rahul and Monica will be great in Bigg Boss together.

  12. please bring Monica back to the show…BB2 is so borning without her….m really tired of watching the other house mates..they r so boring…now:)…Rahul and Monica together were so much fun…..

  13. Rahul Mahajan is wonderful person open hearted person he is really deserving condidate to win the show.Good Luck to Rahul mahajan

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