Bigg Boss 2 : Jade Goody claims the producers forced her to talk about her illness in public

Jade Goody has blamed Bigg Boss 2 producers for forcing her to share news regarding her illness in public.

In an interview to the UK based TV channel GM TV, Goody revealed that she was tricked into giving out details about her illness on camera while she was in Bigg Boss’s house in India.

The producers wanted me to go out and tell everybody she quipped.

Shilpa Shetty, who is the host of the show Bigg Boss said, “A lot of things are misconstrued by the media. It was completely her choice what she wanted to say or how she wanted to break the news.”

6 Responses to “Bigg Boss 2 : Jade Goody claims the producers forced her to talk about her illness in public”

  1. rahul mahajan is like , who ever give him “dana” tats okay with him , if monica goes it will be rahul n elena

  2. actually we al r least bothered as to y jade told abt her illness!!! m feeloin bad for her but then the show as jade had said was her need for cash that she wud use for her treatment i wish she recovers!! but pesonally jade must b crazy to say this.. its her interest to say on screen the way she acted was enough for us to understand we wudnt kill her if she wud reveal her illnesss n moreover wateva media says is 99% wrong n 1% right

  3. Hi Big Boss,
    If you can kindly convey my message to Ehsaan Qureshi “Please make us laugh” by making the
    fun of situation you all are facing in the Big Boss House.

  4. isbar itna maza nahi aa raha hai
    i like only rahul n sambhavana
    baki sub boar n pakou hai

  5. Hi i hate raja to see in big boss please for the seek of god and seek heavan usko beghar karo

  6. hi,
    I think big boss -2 is political launching platform for rahul mahajan because no one is interested in rahul i think some thing is behind rahul’s remaining in big boss no one like that ediot his father always take back door entry in politics never face any direct election only take ghoos (bribe ) from reliance every one no about 2000 crore bribe to him so i think his family doing fake voting for him as his secretary told that he asked his friends to vote ediot mahajan rahul and his friends give 1000 votes to that ediot rahul.
    Another fake character is there payal rohatagi every time she is showing her as very big actress what actress? i see her movies on cable after 12.00 night on weekends only for adults i think rakhi sawant is more famouse then her & she telling who is ahsan qureshi ediot lady she dont no how famouse is ahsan qureshi.


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