Bigg Boss 2 : Bigg Boss Season 2 (Episode 17)

It’s a Airtel tune alarm that wakes up the housemates .

Ehsaan is talking to Zulfi about Rahul’s overconfidence and his attitude. Meanwhile, Rahul and Monica are gossiping about Sambhavana’s attitude.

Later, everyone decides to go into the pool and swim which includes Rahul, Monica, Payal, Elina, Raja and Ashutosh. In the end, only Monica and Rahul are left to themselves to enjoy themselves.

Sambhavana and Zulfi are discussing Rahul and Monica’s strategy of confusing the public.

Ketaki is sitting in the gym area and is suddenly surprised to see Rahul with a face pack on his face.

Raja appoints Ketaki for the cleanliness task wherein she has to check if all the housemates are cleaning the house.

Raja seems to be opening up day by day. He looks very happy and is dancing. He asks Sambhavana to teach him salsa which she happily obliges. After a couple of steps, Raja does a cha-cha-cha with Sambhavana. He then moves ahead and teaches salsa to Elina.

Ketaki finds Raja’s dancing skills really funny and smiles. Raja moves on to do kathak and tries to teach it to Debojit. While both are doing kathak, Payal notices their beat is not right and interrupts and explains the right beats.

Bigg Boss calls upon Zulfi to enquire if he is keeping Roza (fast), to which Zulfi replies in affirmative and informs BB that he is unable to guess the time for this.

Bigg Boss tells him that from today onwards there will 2 alarms set – one in the morning and other in the evening to inform Zulfi about the Roza timings.

Payal talks to Raja in a flirtatious manner and says that she is smarter than the rest of the housemates and is not interested in ruining her image. And the day she feels that she can’t continue in the Bigg Boss house, she will walk out. Meanwhile, Rahul and Monica walk and discuss how Payal is furious with Rahul.

Zulfi breaks his Roza (fast).

After that, the Panchayat session is organized and Sambhavana reads out the letters in the suggestion box and discusses the housemates’ grievances.

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  1. zulfi and ehsan are doing anti-islamic things in the house….they were doing aarti of ganpati……it is anti-islamic…..

  2. declare fatwa against ehsaan and zulfi…..debar them from islam…..they did ganesh puja in the house and also played dahi hndi…..they are traitors to islam…….

  3. Zulfi & Syed are not doing anything anti-islamic. Respecting other religions is not anti-islamic. Just shut up your mouth u Fundamentalist and communal person…..
    Treat the show as a show and don’t get into eprsonal things and malign the image of the show and the participants..

  4. Dear Mohammed ,

    Yr statements are no better than the terrible actions of the VHP and the Bajrang Dal in Orissa….. inflammatory and racists.

    Pls open yr mind to the fact that we all worship One god but in various forms…. sitting in on an aarti/ganpati pooja or participatg in a dahi handi game is not a form of worship …. if u are a true believer then no matter where u are or who u are with, the one true god that u believe in resides in u and it is in him that u believe/worship only.

    Zulphi and Eshaan actions hv shown …. Unity in diversity and respect for God in whichever form he is …..that is true essence of Islam … to love one another and respect God.

  5. I am Jaysing Hujare In Builder & devalopers In Kolhapur city I Am Interastae to Big Boss House

  6. I think Rahul will BIg Boss. But Monika has very need for the pricing money. So i wish monika will win. & i request to all world who seen this world’s hottest show . plz vote & support & wist to god for monika’s victory.

  7. hi am a big boss fan watching every episode. cant understand why is every1 finding rahul so genuine.. or r they just trying to be pilitically right spec the guests who come on the show… or r they being told to say so… cant every1 see how fake rahul is. even 2de when asked among the 3 raja payal & himself who does he think would go he said.. i wish my friend stays… !!! what the F…? i could see what a good actor he is. the way he picks up the bag everytime shilpa was going 2 announce… is he being supported just cos he comes from the political party..! the janta is not a fool if anyone has to win it has to be raja…or diana..! raja is showing what he actually is ! he is not fake… like rahul…..! i think so more than rahul its raja who is making the show interesting…! luv u raja… ! just be the way u r we all love u…! rahul could be a good actor…! all fake…! shown ur true colours rahul…! a politician is a good actor…!

  8. mr. raja plz change yourself apni persnol baton ko apney tak rakho is tarha media main uchal kr publicity gain na karo ok man.

  9. hi daina u r such a brilliant n nice girl God bless u.

  10. hai debo ap kabhi bhi kisi ki baat par jaldi yakeen na kiya karan

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