Bigg Boss Season 2 : Monica Bedi is out from Bigg Boss 2

Monica Bedi is out from the bigg boss’s house. She was one of the house mate in the house of bigg boss season 2. She was beaten by Rahul Mahajan.
After being voted out, Monica said, “I would like to thank God for keeping me in the house till at least three weeks and giving me a chance to come back after all what I have been through.”

Monica told Shilpa Shetty, “I fear that my intention has not been fulfilled.” “We were on camera for 24 hours, but out of that 40-45 minute footage was shown everyday, thus I fear that my intention not fulfilled.”

Shilpa wished her, ‘I hope you see a different side to life now.’

14 Responses to “Bigg Boss Season 2 : Monica Bedi is out from Bigg Boss 2”

  1. I’m glad she’s gone. She is not as innocent as she tried to show. As far as her past, she did it, she is and should be blamed for it. She shouldnt have done it. She got punished. Thats life. How is she suppposed to clear her name?

    This show is becoming stupid!! thats because why the hell would you bring in a politician????????? That is STUPID!!!

  2. i really hate the fact that someone who is genuinely trying to mend the life, but at the same time one should remember at what circumtances one opted to mess up their life. Had she any other option trust me live in INDIA and then say u could make a difference. And i will tell u shut up. monika im so sorry, that people here r more concerned with what u did under stress but not into what u were trying to mending the mistakes forced upon u. This is so bad someone who was genuine without any makeup AND glamour, is being shown the gate. When politics prevals

  3. no one is watching ur show anymore.

  4. Big boss is boring without u…

  5. sorry somi u r saying no watching ur show is wrong ur not watching means other people not watching your comment is very bad
    hello big boss & shilpa shetty we all watching your show all enjoying this show
    ALL THE BEST BIG BOSS 2 u r rocking spl
    sambu, rahul,raja

    monica sharma

  6. its too cool without you

  7. I would like Monica Bedi should come back to BIG BOSS HOUSE with the wild card entry

  8. Pla Big Boss…send Monica back through wild card entry..she is such an innocent and amazing gal….

  9. Plz Bring Monica back

  10. please bring back such a good person ,atleast not like sambhavna

  11. Monica is like beautiful Red Rose. She is very beautiful, dignified .I m missing to

    to her……….in show very much.

    With all good wishes for her future.

  12. I Love Shilpa Shetty….She is very entertaining & at the same time she is very beautiful…….

  13. Shilpa Shetty is rocking …….I Love her show very much

  14. In enjoyed the show when there was Beautiful ladies like payel, Dyana & Monica.Now the show is too monotonus.

    Please bring one of them by wild card entry.

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