Bigg Boss 2 : Bigg Boss assigns the Pathshala task

Bigg Boss calls Ketki into the confession room for the task. Kekti comes out and reads out the task given. She declares that for the next 3 days, there will a pathshala.

She announces that Ashutosh has been appointed the principal, herself as vice principal and PT teacher, Debojit as singing teacher, Payal as the dance teacher and Ahsaan as the poetry teacher by Bigg Boss. The rest of the housemates, which includes Zulfi, Raja, Sambhavana, Rahul and Alina, will be the students. There will be pathshala held from morning to evening and on Wednesday the best student will be selected by principal and vice principal and awarded.

School will start in the morning after the bell and will get over in the evening with the bell.
Rules of the Pathshala:
* The Pathshala will take place in the gym area. After the bell, the Pathshala will begin with a prayer
* There will be another bell, which indicates the Pathshala has begun after assembly
* Each day a new time-table will be given
* When the bell rings, it means the second period has begun
* There will be two bells for the lunch break – one before and the other when it ends
* Everything in Pathshala will take place in the gym area only
* While the teachers will be standing, the students will have to sit on the floor while the class is on
* A blackboard and chalks will be given to the teachers
* Students will have to be on time and cannot smoke or use abusive language during this task.

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  2. The unedited part of big boss should also be shown and repeated in the morning.
    Instead i want to watch live of big boss.. One hour is very less to watch all the person. Take it

  3. In bb Paathsala rocking sambhu,rahul are rocking we all watching every day enjoyable both r doing very nice all the best sambhavana and rahul ur rocking ,……….

  4. ya true one hour too less

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