Bigg Boss 2 : Monica wanted to show the world that she is not a bad girl

Monica Bedi is the person who was evicted from the Big Boss house on 5th Sept. She was neither happy nor all that sad, though she confesses she did wanted to stay back, for a simple reason that she wanted people to know the Real Monica Bedi.

Monica Bedi entered the reality show Bigg Boss to tell her side of the story, but after her eviction  her time was cut short but that didn’t stop her from clearing the air about her relationship with don Abu Salem.

Monica Bedi gave an interview to a local daily days before stepping into the Bigg Boss house. In the interview, Monica talked about her relationship with gangster Abu Salem – how she met him and fell in love with him.

Admitting that she once loved Salem, Monica said, “I loved him, but it is not the same anymore. I last spoke to him on September 18, 2002 – the day we were arrested. I have not been in touch with him since then.

According to the interview, Salem at first had introduced himself to her as Arsalan Ali, and it was only after she started living with him that she realised that they were very different.

As for Monica, her whole purpose of “presenting her true self” was lost as the housemates nominated her within two weeks. Here’s hoping at least Sanjay Nirupam remembers his promise of helping her get a house in suburban Mumbai.

But today Monica has put a step forward towards leading a blissful and decent life. She wanted to dump the past and create a new identity for herself. Her participation in Bigg Boss is her first move. Through Bigg Boss, she wanted to show the world that she is not a bad girl.

7 Responses to “Bigg Boss 2 : Monica wanted to show the world that she is not a bad girl”

  1. sau chuhe khaake billi hajj ko chali

  2. She is such a nice gal..n if you really realize you mistakes and try to get experience out of them…. In this situation God even forgives…
    We are still humanbeings….

    Monica…keep up the good work..keep rocking…we all want you back in Big Boss show..through wiold card entry.

  3. hi monica
    i know you are a nice gal. everybody make a mistake in his life. if you did no prob.make a new begining . all the best

  4. Monika sould cum back in big boss show thru wild cad entry ?
    I think so give her one chance more so that she can express her feeling.And people can change your mind.

  5. Monica should be brought back because she is sweet,innocent and l used 2 watch BB2 bcoz of her

  6. she should get achance
    because after watiching bb2 she must had realised her misstake and want to prove herselrf

  7. Hi
    Monica we know ur a good girl…………….ur so sweet and innocent………………

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