Bigg Boss 2 : The second day at Bigg Boss Ki Pathshala

The second day at school begins with the prayer “Humko Maan Ki Shakti Dena”. The first class begins. Singing teacher Debojit greets everyone as the students greet him. He notifies everyone that today they all will learn a new song but before that he wishes to revise the song that he had taught them the previous day.

Everyone starts singing “Ae Mere Pyaare Watan”. After the revision he asks everyone which song they would like to learn today to which Sambhavana says that he should teach some an item number and suggests a song.

They all decide to learn the song “Hoto Se Chu Lo Tum…Mera Geet Amaar Kaar Do”. Rahul is seen being naughty during the class and the principal catches him.

All the students later argue over the song. Sambhavana says that she had opted for a different song and not this one.

Dance class is next and the dance teacher wants to teach Salsa to all the students today. Pairs are made and everyone starts hoping to music. In between, the song “Oh Sikandar Oh Sikandar” from the movie “Corporate” starts playing and everybody starts dancing on that song.

Raja advises the dance teacher to punish Rahul. Rahul and Sambhavana fight in the class because Rahul is persistently saying that Sambhavana is professional and this is a cake walk for her. The song “Lose Control” is then played and all and sundry start dancing on the song.

Following a recess next is the poetry class. The teacher – Ahsaan – first gets into the revision of the poetry taught to all of them in the first class and then starts teaching them the second poetry.

“Ek Kaksha Mein Ho Raha Tha Shor…Shikshak Ho Gaye Bore… Bole Rahul Beta Halla Maat Karo… Shanti ke Sath Baith Jao… Rahul Bola Guruji Badi Samasaya Hai… Mein Apko Kaise Samjhau… Shanti Ke Saath Toh Raja Baith Gaya.. Mein Sambhavana Ke Sath Beth Jau?”

The students are in no mood to learn poetry. Rahul is behaving his usual wicked self. The principal sees and punishes him.

The poetry class is followed by the PT class. Everyone rehearses Yoga during the PT class. The students request that since they are practicing after the recess they should be given light exercises to do. Sambhavana reacts to the fact that the PT teacher is appreciating only Rahul in the class and throws a challenge that she can do much better than Rahul.

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  1. Always Rahul is entertaining person also gives energy to big boss show. No body is compare to Rahul.I thanked to colors TV and endmole team to take this show again. Everybody likes this show so much.

  2. hi zulfi syed

    I like your attidut your are simply super
    there is no line basy etc.

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